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  1. Diff between kernel configs is in the attachment. I noticed that CONFIG_DRM_DIGILENT_ENCODER option is not set in Digilent kernel config, and it is set to "y" in Petalinux kernel config which works. Perhaps that is the problem? Device trees are very different and there are several files so I did not do a diff between them, I attached all of them in the tar if you wanted to take a look. Another question, when using Petalinux with Linaro Gnome (Ubunutu version 15.04, downloaded from here), I can only get console output and not GUI. I try to start gdm but nothing happens, and thi
  2. Hi Jon, Thank you for your response. I would like to add that I managed to get HDMI and Linaro file system to work using Petalinux. Even though errors that I posted above still show up when using Petalinux, I can see output on my monitor. That suggests that those errors are not the problem which causes HDMI not to work without Petalinux, but rather something else. I would still like to get HDMI to work without using Petalinux to generate files, so any help figuring out the problem is still appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I am trying to boot Linux with Linaro file system on Zybo Z7-10 without Petalinux. I would like to connect a monitor to HDMI TX output to be able to see Linaro graphical interface but I am getting errors while Linaro Ubuntu is booting, and nothing is being shown on the monitor. I am sure that HDMI output works on my board since I got HDMI demo project to work. I am using Zybo base system design from here, adapted to Zybo Z7 on Vivado 2018.2. I have generated device tree from this design using Xilinx SDK following this tutorial. I am using Digilent's u-boot and Linux kernel and I