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  1. OK... I've pored over the forums, and found many questions tangentially related to my topic, yet cannot figure out the answer to my question. I'm using the *original* Digilent Zybo board, i.e. it has a VGA port. I've used one personally for a while now, but I'm now doing a project at work on a new Zybo. I cannot, for the life of me, get the DDR to be configured to work properly. I have tried every which way... including a custom memory part but it is all to no avail. I tried to get around this by using OCM, and it works, but then I could not get the QSPI to flash with my execute in place linker script... something I've done several times for work on the Zedboard. Can someone please help me with the correct DDR configuration so I can get this out from over my head? I'm attaching the current DDR configuration... any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!