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  1. Hi, I have question regarding dvi2rgb / rgb2dvi digilent IP cores. Do I need to constraint input and output delay for HDMI pins? I suppoes it must be done, because this feature is not implemented in HDMI RX / TX IP's. Can anyone assist me during this process? Current settings for HDMI RX. Input clock 160MHz ##HDMI RX Clock Signal create_clock -period 6.25 -waveform {0.00 5.00} [get_ports hdmi_rx_clk_p] #Delays set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks {CLK_OUT_5x_hdmi_clk}] -clock_fall -min -add_delay 0.5 [get_ports {hdmi_rx_data_n[*]}] set_input_delay -clock
  2. Hi @Ana-Maria Balas Yes, PC stalls when converter is used. Problem were solved with DP 1.4 cable. Thanks, Rinalds
  3. I'm designing custom FW for Nexys Video development bord. In my design I'm using two Nexys video development boards, each board has identical FW. For both Nexys Video development boards video stream are fed from DisplayPort output. To convert DP to HDMI I'm using CSV-6200H Multi Stream Transport Hub DisplayPort 1.2 Dual Monitor to HDMI When this set-up is connected to the computer it can regonise Nexus devices, but computer become unresponsive. If Nexys HDMI in is connected directly to the same PC, it works like a charm. Weirdest part that with higher resolution (854x
  4. Hi @jpeyron Problem was with PC HDMI. Yes, I'm always connecting hdmi before powering up Nexys or even PC. Thanks @Zygot, for the hint I'll definitely read this information!
  5. Hi @jpeyron No i'm using self made project. Problem is somehow solved. Solution: power off PC, after 5min powered on and HDMI was back. My question was more about - if anyone had troubles that Nexys Video board input HDMI damaged source, for instance PC!? Because to us it happened 3 times and one of them was broken completely. But thanks! Rinalds
  6. Hello, First question at this forum I'm using Nexys Video FPGA dev board. Receiving input video stream via HDMI, saving it on DDR3 memory, reading back and transmitting over HDMI. Design works, tested with different resolutions etc. But today I powered my Nexys video board and computer didn't find any connected HDMI, even worse, HDMI from PC could't detect any monitor. I suppose it's broken. Consulted with my collegues and same problem appeared with them - twice. My question, did any of you experienced same problem? if Yes, did You solved it and how.