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  1. Thank you @AndrewHolzer for your response. Can't believe that i overlooked this. However I changed this, and set the waveGen to running, but I still get the same error as above. This didn't change anything at all. So the search continues🤓. But still thanks for replying. If you have any other tips or assumptions please let me know. Best Regards, BecauseIHaveTo
  2. First of all, thank you for your helpful answer. I looked it up and implemented it in my test setup. Sadly, I still get an statusCode != 0. In the response I get from the Osilloscope the StatusCode is "2684354571". I did some research and found a file which shows the meaning of the status. This one means "InstrumentArmed". The code I used looks like this: request(ip_address, json_mode); Sleep(500); cout << request(ip_address, reset_instruments) << endl; Sleep(5000); cout << request(ip_address, set_regular_waveform_funct(1, "sine", 350000, 2500, 0, 50)); Sleep(3000); cout << request(ip_address, set_parameters_osci_funct(1, 0, 0.25, 350000, 5000, 0)) << endl; Sleep(5000); cout << request(ip_address, set_parameters_trig_funct("osc", 1, "risingEdge", 470, 500, "osc", 1)) << endl; Sleep(5000); cout << request(ip_address, trig_single_funct(1)) << endl; Sleep(3000); string post_request = request(ip_address, read_osci_funct(1,101)); string response = extract(post_request, "{", "}"); cout << response << endl; `request` is an selfwritten function which sends an HTTP Post Request to the mentioned IP-Address, and returns the answer of this Request. `extract` just cuts unwanted text befor and after the response text, in order to use the string as an JSON-Object. The following text is the response from the code above: {"device":[{"command":"resetInstruments","statusCode":0,"wait":1000}]} {"awg":{"1":[{"command":"setRegularWaveform","statusCode":0,"actualSignalFreq":350000,"actualVpp":2500, "actualVOffset":0,"wait":0}]}}{"osc":{"1":[{"command":"setParameters","statusCode":0,"actualVOffset":-14, "actualSampleFreq":350003,"actualTriggerDelay":0,"wait":0}]}} {"trigger":{"1":[{"command":"setParameters","statusCode":0,"wait":0}]}} {"trigger":{"1":[{"command":"single","statusCode":0,"acqCount":1,"wait":-1}]}} {"osc":{"1":[{"command":"read","statusCode":2684354571,"wait":0}]}} Has somebody pleas some tips or an advice for me? Some things I should change or things I could try? Looking forward to your responses.
  3. I need to read some data (a serialnumber to be specific) out of an eeprom. The eeprom I am using supports I2C. in additon to that I'm accessing the openscope mz via json-strings. So I got some questions/problems. Does the openscope mz support i2c? if yes how to I access this with json-commands If it doesn't support i2c I would use an bus-bridge (something like this) to convert it to spi. On the reference website it says the boards supports spi. But I can't find any solution on how to connect to this pins via http. Has anybody some information or recommended websites where I can look for solutions. (If anybody has already some tips I would like to hear them) thanks for your help.
  4. @Fa-b yes I tried to reset it but this didn't change anything. I also tried to set the trigger but if I try to forceTrigger it always says "InstrumentNotArmed", and I have no idea what this means? Maybe you can explain it to me so I can try this again. Thanks in advance.
  5. I got nearly the same problem. I want to access the OpenScope mz over Wifi with my c++ programm. the communication works fine but everytime I want to read the parameters from the oscilloscope I get {"osc":{"1":[{"command":"read","statusCode":2684354573,"wait":0}]}} I've looked it up here: and it says the oscilloscope is in use, so I guess I can't access it. But what do I have to change in order to get the parameters? Thanks in advance!