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  1. Hi @malexander I did some tests earlier after removing your driver and it seemed to work as it should. Great to have it confirmed from you. Thanks, Pelle
  2. Hi @malexander Did you find out if Apple made your requested changes? If it's not changed, can you estimate when it will work in Mojave? I have to return my Analog Discovery 2 if it is not compatible with my computer.
  3. I used WaveForms v3.8.2 and tried now beta v3.8.18 with the same result. The crash report below is from v.3.8.2:
  4. Hello, When I connect the Analog Discovery 2 to my Macbook Pro, model 15 inch late 2016, it shows up in WaveForms for a couple of seconds, then the computer shows the crash screen. I thought it was a conflict with FTDI drivers but it seems not to be it. It is connected through an Apple USB-C to USB adapter and I use MacOS Mojave 10.14. Is it someone experiencing the same problem? Pelle