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  1. Hi @attila Than what about my device? After 6 computers, 5 self powered hubs, many different cables now the WaveForms even do not detect the device.. Trying the AD2 with new computers became my new hobby.. As I said it worked for a month. Now it does not.. Do you suggest returning it to the rep?
  2. Hi @attila On record mode, it takes one snapshot and stops. What I requested is different.. Think about a frame that is taken at given sample rate, and given trigger position.. Now when I zoom in, software zooms in keeping that settings. If a new frame is captured it starts displaying that new frame.. The device continues the operation as is, but the software lets the user to enlarge the captured frames.. What is currently implemented is not zoom in frame, it recaptures with new settings.. Please, if you come across a PicoScope device, use it for a few hours.. You have a working device (actually mine looks like broken), that way it will be a much better tool..
  3. @attila As I mentioned, I even tried 5V 4A adapter.. On Status popup, the device was taking a few milliamps from USB, >300mA from external power.. The result is the same.. In less than a minute, it lost the connection.. BTW, the dependency on cable and hub power is a bad design.. If there is insufficient current, the device should report it without disconnecting. Even if none of the modules are used, the device takes >300mA current, which is also not good. I suspect, the device takes that much current from the beginning, before the USB negotiations are completed.. As far as I remember that is forbidden by the USB standard..
  4. Hi @JColvin On PicoScope 2000, if I zoomed in, it does not change acquisition parameters.. It acquires at same speed with same length, but it just zooms in.. That way I can navigate through the all captured data in real time.. But, on Waveforms, the next acquisition settings will be modified with the new zoom level..
  5. Hi @attila I've already tried the following: 1- MacBook Pro 2017 with USB-C to USB-A adapter 2- USB-C Hub with 1.5A output capability (it can charge the phones) 3- TP-LINK 7 Port self powered HUB, each of the ports can charge the phones at @2A. Funny thing is, with this HUB the device is not detected.. But if I add another USB3 hub without external power, the device was working.. In the past I was using with this configuration. 4- Asus N550 laptop. One of the USB ports can supply 2A.. As I mentioned, the device was working. On MacBook Pro, with USB-C to USB-A adapter, with the USB-C 4 port HUB, with different cables.. On N550 laptop, it worked with all of the ports. Except TP-Links powered hub. On that even Windows do not detect the device is connected.. I tried different brands and lengths of cables.. All of them are high current capable cables.. The result is the same.. I even tried a Dell laptop. It behaved the same.. I've a PicoScope 2406B and 5443D. Both require high current are working on all above mentioned ports with ZERO problems..
  6. Yesterday, Status display was reporting ~1500mA USB current, ~6.5V USB supply.. Than it displayed 0V etc.
  7. I tried on PC Laptop, it is successfully detected on only 1 port.. On the others different problems raised.. After a minute of working, the attached dialog appeared..
  8. I am having the same problem on MacOS and Windows machines.. Until last week the device was working with intermittent failures, which was "OK".. However, today it is mostly not listed. When it is listed, while trying the connection, the attached dialog appears.. Than it disappears.. I tried different cables, 5V 4A power supply etc.. Nothing changes.. On MacBook, on PC laptop, the same result.. On PC laptop it favors an USB port out of 3.. It works for 1 minute, than connections is lost.. On windows it is detected as serial device, sometimes with exclamation mark, sometimes "USB Device is not recognised" warning appears.
  9. Sorry for resurrecting the post, but when will this version be released? I want to navigate through the buffer, but I have to stop the acquisition to do that..