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  1. Jani

    DMC60C CAN communications

    Hi! Nice to see you got CAN version already! We would like to use our existing CAN network to control big DC motors, such as fans and linear motors. This controller would be perfect. We would have four of these connected to same CAN bus. Problem is that there is no CAN communication documentation yet, and we are not using any robot controllers. What protocol is this using? CANopen? What i want to do: 1.set some node ID for the controller , so i can control these motors individually. 2. Set pulsewidth from -100% to +100% 3. Get heartbeat from the controller so i know it's alive All i need is some CAN IDs, and info on what bytes control what Thanks! Jani
  2. Jani

    DMC60 PWM input signal

    Hi, I have been trying to get this motor controller working but i have not been succesful at it. I am trying to use this controller to drive a fan with a industrial machine control unit. A 24V High side output producing PWM signal with frequency of 300 hz, with pulse width between 45% to 72%. Worked fine with function generator, although voltage was smaller. I tried to use resistor divider to lower the voltage of the signal to 4V,5V,10V,12V and so on but it just doesnt want to work. DCM 60 flickers all of its white and red lights at quite fast rate, and the fan just kicks on and off. Why is there no info about the desired input signal? How should i even wire those two wires? I looked up the schematic of this thing and noticed that the pwm input goes to CAN transceiver? How on earth does that work? Should i take another CAN transceiver and use it as an interface for this? Just my opinion, but that CAN transceiver as pwm input is just madness, a optocoupler or even PNP transistor would have done the trick for input protection... Or is there CAN firmware coming so i could use this with CAN instead? That would be cool! Thanks in advance, Frustrated engineering student, also known as Jani