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  1. Thank you Marshall! Currently I already made my application to run using Chipkit UNO32 and MAX32 (together with AnalogShield). My next step is to test in a Arduino DUE (I already got one). My application is in scientific research, so I need as much speed as I can get (to increase time resolution). Thus very soon I will buy the Wi-FIRE to test it. Do you have any suggestion to speed up the SPI transmission (ChipKit to AnalogShield)? In my application, once I reach 500 Hz wave, or above, I start to see time quantization, probable due the SPI speed. I realize that the AnalogShield do not use the
  2. Does anyone know if AnalogShield will work on the new ChipKit Wi-FIRE (with few modifications) ? I look inside the library and I saw several " #ifdef __PIC32MX__ " However the new ChipKit WI-FIRE is " PIC32MZ ", MZ not MX. In other words, without any modification it will not work. However, if the chip is similar, as described in this forum, should be easy. Thanks