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  1. Well, now that i have seen the schematic, allow me to rephrase and clarify. What i meant was connecting Vin_sc1_n terminal to a DC voltage level, since the sc1_n and sc1_p are fully differential inputs. However since the absolute voltage levels are +/- 25 volts, (i was under the impression that +/- 25 volts limits were between the differential terminals), even this scheme will not work. The only solution is to use DC attenuators or drop the signal using simple resistive divider, or through the probes you mentioned before. Thank you for your support.
  2. Ok, so if i have the GND terminal of the oscilloscope probe connected to for example 25 volts dc, then i could measure a signal which has a 25 volts peak i.e maximum voltage of the signal will reach 50 volts, (peak to peak still remains +/- 25 volts volts) , is that correct? Also, can you please comment on what kind of USB hub would i need?
  3. Hi @attila, Please can you give me an example of what kind of USB hub would be suitable for the workaround you mentioned. I see USB hubs which have a connection from PC to power them up. Also I have one more question, the input voltage for the scopes is specified to be +/- 25 volts differential. Is this specification for only AC voltage? I want to measure signals which have a dc voltage of ~20 volts and AC amplitudes of 20 volts (0 to 40 volts peak to peak). Is it possible to measure such a signal?
  4. Hi Attila, Well i do not strictly want to use the external supply, My main intention is to disconnect from the PC and somehow make the waveform generator output the waveform. The solution you gave me suffices my purpose. Power it via external usb hub, configure it, and then disconnect the PC. If that works then that is good enough for me.
  5. Hello, I am looking to buy Analog Discovery 2 module. I wanted to know whether the waveform generator can generate arbitrary waveform stand alone? i.e without being connected to a PC and in free running mode powered by external 5v DC power supply? I want to make the analog Discovery 2 act as a stand alone source for the DuT.