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  1. Hi @attila, You are great man! Thanks for noticing me and that you have tracked the problem so fast. I am using the stock provided cables with not more than 10sm extension to the ground, but the ground of the analyzer is directly to the ground of the board. I am so happy that there will be solution for that. When is the next version of the software expected? I am not in a hurry, just asking Have a great day!
  2. Hi there folks, great to meet you. Recently the company i work bought an Analog Discovery 2 to work with, and all I can say is - This is a great instrument, although I am using very small amount of its power. I have noticed something that lost me 2 days of work to discover that the problem is not my communication but in the way that the data is read by the AD2. The setup is like this - I have two boards communicating over I2C to each other and I am monitoring the messages in the Protocol part of the Waveforms. When i am sending large packets with more than 5 bytes of