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  1. Hi kaitlyn & Josh, I was trying to display "Hello" in 7-segment but it failing at Generate Bit Stream. Hope you guys will help me in this! Thanks, Priya project_2.xpr vivado.jou vivado.log
  2. Hi Kaitlyn, Actually I didn't do much changes from the original code. so, I would be very thankful if you help me to do the changes from the demo file itself. Thanks, Priya
  3. HI Kaitlyn, I try to edit the zip file from the below link Thanks a lot for your support! Regards, Priya
  4. Hi Kaitlyn, Thanks for your reply. I tried working on it but i couldn't able to do it and ending up in errors. I would be really grateful if you help me to edit the code. Actually i just need to multiple the data from XADC Pmod and need to display that value in 7 segment like "Temp" followed by the value I am sorry if i am troubling.. i am pretty new to both FPGA and HDL. Thanks a lot for support! Regards, Priya Basys3XADC.xpr
  5. Hi Franz, Thanks a lot for your reply :). I can able to run the program now!! Say i need to edit the value of JXADC pmod (for example if i need to multiply the value by 10) where do i need to do the changes? Sorry! i pretty new to the HDL coding. Thanks in advance for your help.. Regards, Priya
  6. Hi, In XADC Demo project, the AD6, 7, 14 and 15 pins are used. May I know AD6,7,14 and 15 referring to which Pmod from the attached Pindiagram and can I supply voltage from the basys 3 board to the circuit using Pin 6 & 12 or should I need to use external power supply. Because when I try to execute, it failing at synthesis because of clock value. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Priya
  7. Muthupriya

    Digilent Basys 3

    Hi Bobby, Can I check with you, Whether Dual Analog/Digital Pmod (JXADC) accepts input from 0 to 10V or -5 to 5V? Say my output of the temperature sensor is 0.234, does JXADC detect this voltage? Thanks, Priya
  8. Muthupriya

    Digilent Basys 3

    Thanks Josh. Thank you soo much bobby. your answer really helped me alot.
  9. Muthupriya

    Digilent Basys 3

    Pardon me if my questions are silly but I am very new to FPGA. I need to measure Environment temperature and light intensity using Basys3 board. I used vivado design suite to run sample program given in the digilent site. it's working fine! My questions are: 1. May I know what is the difference between master.adc and *** .v file 2. Do I need to use VHDL or verilog programming language 3. Can I use Xilinx software to do the coding? Thanks in advance