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  1. Hi Jon, I removed the jsons at the path you mentioned but I get the error again. Here is my Error: Fehler beim Herunterladen von package_index.json Dateisignaturpr├╝fung fehlgeschlagen java.lang.RuntimeException: cc.arduino.contributions.SignatureVerificationFailedException: package_index.json Dateisignaturpr├╝fung fehlgeschlagen at cc.arduino.contributions.packages.ui.ContributionManagerUI.lambda$onUpdatePressed$19( at
  2. Hi Jon, I tried IDE 1.6.9 and the Link mentioned in your linked Tutorial but the json-File didn't work. The IDE sais it is a wrong Signature. It seems to be my personal problem because nobody else posted about it. Yesterday I installed UEC IDE and it seems to compile but I think it has to work with the Arduino IDE. Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi, my name is Markus and I am a professional LabView Software Developer. I am new to the Digilent Boards and try to use these for my private home automation project. Greetings Markus
  4. Hi, I am trying to install Arduino IDE with the Digilent Core on a Windows 10 machine. I've tried different Versions from 1.6.8 to 1.9beta. When I try to use the Additional Boards Manager URL it fails at the Signature check. If I install it manually the IDE is not able to find "/bin/pic32-g++.exe". Where do I have to put the files under "chipkit-core" ? Is there a working json-file for automatic installation ? What am I doing wrong ? Thanks for help Markus