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  1. I am trying to use buttons (BTN0 and BTN1) in my programmable logic to control several general purpose I/O pins (IO0-IO13). I am using the I/O pins to power a circuit on a breadboard that should visually change according to a state machine that I have simulated and found works as expected. But when I try to implement the design, I get this error: When I include the line that demotes this error to a warning in the constraints file, "set_property CLOCK_DEDICATED_ROUTE FALSE [get_nets btn0_IBUF]" my circuit shows no signs of the state machine changing states. i.e. the buttons don't affect the circuit as they should. I have tried connecting the buttons to an LED on the board as well to see if they were broken, but they worked on an LED, just not when trying to change the values of the I/O pins. I have tried looking online for detailed diagrams of how the peripherals (the buttons and I/O pins) are connected to the FPGA but could not find anything especially useful. If anyone could explain to me how they are connected or could be connected I would be very grateful. Edit: fixed Yes, you are correct. The problem was that I was using "always_ff( posedge btn0, posedge btn1)" to trigger changes in my state machine. I didn't realize you had to use a clock to trigger things in an always_ff block. I would be, and I'm sure other beginners in digital electronics would also, be interested in why this is not allowed.