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    liblinxdevice.so sources

    Hi All, I can only agree with this and I would like it very much if 1 wire is supported
  2. Hi Jon, Thank you for the information ,This has worked if I list the directory of the usr /libLinx then I can see this file is saved now and my labVIEW connects I appreciate all the help received here . Have great weekend QMESAR
  3. Hi, Thank you so much for your response and effort to help ,much appreciated, unfortunately I am a Linux idiot and the post you showed helps me in no way ,It would be great if your developers can show the correct command to do this! I expect that all users that use LV with Raspbian Stretch will have this issue might be useful if you support us with this command . I will wait a few days no problem as at least I can type this in manually every time I want to work for now .Please note at first I installed the LV files from with in LabVIEW to the RPI ,then after sometime found the information at makerhub that if this IO error ciomes up try to do a manual install which I did therefore it is save for me to say that even with maually installing the LINX package (giving the sudo command) does not solve this issue any longer there is something new in the OS and we need to find this Thanks a million QMESAR .
  4. Hi All , I am sorry for hi jacking this post, however I have the same issue with the Lvlib:IO file and I was searching on the makerhub but it seems there are no one answering questions 😉 there are question more than 3 months old I have managed to get it working now by a lot of search for help various places I found a post that mentioned to create a symlink as by installing the RPI stuff from labVIEW in the new versions because of some super user issues some file is not created and then this IO issue is caused The fix seems to be go into the cd /usr/lib ls liblinx* Then in the command window only 2 files are listed liblinxdevise_rpi2.so and liblinxdevise_bbb.so now by doing the following create a third file ln -s ./liblinxdevice_rpi2.so ./liblinxdevice.so No I can download the LV files to the PRI and Run interactively no issue ,What all of this means is above me however it solved the issue partly for me as if I shutdown my RPI and then boot again then my problem is back until I do the above again creating the symlink I guess my question is what would be the way to make this a permanent symlink for my as I only use the RPI I hope in laymen s term I could explain my problem