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  1. Hi @JColvin, That's working now:-) Thanks! Regards, Peter
  2. Was wondering if there was any news on this? I downloaded the deb file and unpacked that, hoping I could install the files in there manually. But same thing, if I start Digilent Agent from the command line , it starts, although with much less output than the compiled one, but doesn't give me a gui and the www directory which should contain, I guess, the offline version for Digilent Agent is empty. If I can supply more info, I'm very willing to help, just let me know. Regards, Peter
  3. Thanks, no, no more questions about this, just wanted to be sure:-)
  4. Second post:-) As there is no rpm package for Digilent Agent (yet?), I started compiling from source as per the instructions here: After a bit of fiddling, Digilent Agent is running from the terminal now and is working properly and communicating with my OpenScope. But, there's no gui whatsoever, don't know if this is intended, and running Waveforms offline is not working; the www directory is empty, Any help would be great! If I sort everything out I can write a post for other Fedora users. Regards, Peter
  5. Hello, first post here:-) Just got my OpenScope today; when reading reading the reference manual here: In the header pinout it mentions D1 to D10, but later in the description of the logic analyzer it mentions D0 to D9 and, especially, that D0-D3 are 5 volt tolerant; so does that mean that D1 to D4 are 5 volt tolerant? ( I want to use it with my Arduino... ) Regards, Peter