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  1. Thank you @jpeyron @JColvin for your help. I think, the library currently, I am using using mPolarity function but any way i will try to use the new library as well. If i have a problem again, I will come back to you. thanks
  2. Thank you for the reply @jpeyron. This been very helpful. I have a problem with measuring of 0 - 24 V DC with PMOD AD5 using Arduino UNO. As we know from datasheet, any incoming input voltage to be measured must be within ±(AVDD-1.25V). So, a Voltage divider to step down the input voltage to below 2 V used. The set up of a Voltage divider is, The PMOD AD5 is operating at 3.3V, which means, reference voltage is 2.5V. AD7193.h library is used (same one which I mentioned in my first post) The functions that they have used in the library to measured the voltage are; By applying the above code, I am getting right reading of the voltage divider should give but this Voltage function is missing a voltage divider ratio, so that's why I am trying to use my function to calculate voltage. The code I am using is; The output of the above code is 1.25V, Even if there is not input voltage, which mean that it does not work. My questions are; Firstly, I don't know what is mPolarity means in the AD7193.h library? Secondly, why he used half of 24-bit ADC resolution (float)8388608 ? Finally, how would I use my own function to calculate voltage by getting raw data from the PMOD AD5 ADC? Many thanks
  3. Dear @JColvin, I am using PMOD AD5 to measure the voltage of current and voltage transformer. I set the output voltage of current and voltage transformer to maximum 3.3V. I would like set the external reference voltage of AD5 to 3.3V, So, how would I set AD5 reference voltage to 3.3V? Also, please explain the difference between Analog supply voltage (AVdd) and REFIN2+ and REFIN2-, Which pin will be use as external reference voltage pin? Furthermore, I am using AD7193.h library created by Anne Mahaffey and he define variable named mVref = 2.5, I think it represent a default reference voltage. Suppose if change the AD5 reference voltage to 3.3V. Do I have to change this number to 3.3V in AD7193.h file? Lastly, Is the mentioned/attached library is suitable for 24-bit ADC? Many thanks