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  1. Hi @Ciprian, Yes, I tried to change dimension of the RecSamples, that is why I had the same problems as you. Thank you Yes, my idea is to put Sine Wave through PC via Line in, and then record it. I have been playing around with it and have more questions if you can help me. I wasn't able to find a way to store or see all 48000 samples, I have tried to save that variable into binary file, and I have also tried to put it as output in XSCT Console (reference: https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Xcell-Daily-Blog-Archived/Adam-Taylor-s-MicroZed-Chronicles-Part-233-Zynq-SoC-XADC/ba-p/824170
  2. Hi @Ciprian, Thank you very much for your time and help. :) I tested it and it is working properly. So, I don't want to make anything more that putting my code for FFT and calculate FFT on that array. I have one following question - when I enter debugging mode, program stops at init_platform(); I left out the buttons part. Also, I am thinking if I put sine wave, and then take results of array - I can plot them using MATLAB/Octave so I can check if my data is correctly sampled. Is this right approach and did you face any problems with debugging mode? Thank you a
  3. Hi @jpeyron, I tried to follow your advice using IP core from that demo. I couldn't find any documentation, but from the demo I tried to figure out how to configure it. This is my block design (basically I just replaced zybo_audio IP core from the book with the one from demo): When I export my hardware, I first ran helloworld and it worked. However, when I try to run it with configuration I did for streaming the data, it hangs (it does nothing, program does not start at all). Can you help me with this? Regards,
  4. Hi @greedyhao, After you have done that, have you re-run the implementation?
  5. Hi @jpeyron, Hope you will find time soon to help me with this. Regarding DMA Audio Demo, I find it a bit hard and complicated for taking and processing audio data. I have already tried with it, but this Zynq book tutorial is more simpler and easier for beginners. Hope we will find solution to it Regards,
  6. Hi @greedyhao, Go to Implementation -> Edit Timing Constraints -> Set Clock Groups Then another window will open and you just have to put the names of clock there: Hope this helps.
  7. Hi, I also did tutorials but didn't occur this problem. However, you can set false path or create clock group to fix your timing error. Reference: https://www.beyond-circuits.com/wordpress/tutorial/tutorial16/
  8. Hi @jpeyron, Here it is. Thanks. adventures_with_ip.xdc edit: I have noticed the following - I program the board and Run As -> Launch on Hardware(System Debugger) and nothings happen. Then, I turn on and off board, and run program again without programming the board and I can hear sound. Also, if the board is turned off, some strange noise can be heared. If someone can help me, I would appreciate that. Regards
  9. Hi @jpeyron, In the attachement is my block design. I just want to stream audio data. Also, I have attached my code and here is SDK log. 21:21:55 INFO : Registering command handlers for SDK TCF services 21:21:55 INFO : Launching XSCT server: xsct.bat -interactive C:\Users\melis\Downloads\exercise5.xpr\exercise5\exercise5.sdk\temp_xsdb_launch_script.tcl 21:22:00 INFO : XSCT server has started successfully. 21:22:00 INFO : Successfully done setting XSCT server connection channel 21:22:11 INFO : Successfully done setting SDK workspace 21:22:11 INFO : Proc
  10. Hi, I have been following tutorials from Zynq book for Zybo Z7 board. In tutorial 5, where the zybo_audio_ctrl IP core is used, I can not get any audio data through my board. The tutorials are made for Zybo board, and I followed migration guide (to Zybo Z7), but still no success. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks