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  1. Hi @[email protected], My PC-FPGA link works fine since I had this tested by sending characters to FPGA and displaying them on the LED's. Then,I also made sure I tried a simple UART transmitter receiver code to send and read-back the same character .This ensured the PC-FPGA-PC link works fine as well. Hi @jpeyron, As suggested,since I wanted to control all the processes (ADC,CCD,FIFO,UART), I tested them one at a time. I replaced the switch control for CCD, then ADC and so on by a UART(PC->FPGA) receiver process. It seemed to work alright however I encountered a problem when I automated t
  2. Hello, I am trying to send a character to FPGA from PC hyper terminal , for eg : 's' to start other processes in FPGA like initiating generation of CCD signals and sampling ADC et al and a different ascii character to stop the processes. I am able to send a ASCII character from PC hyper terminal and receive binary value it on FPGA LED's however I'm unable to use this for control. Please find my top level code below. 'Start' signal is to be controlling the initiation of other processes. library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.NUMERIC_STD.ALL; Library UNISIM; u
  3. Hey @jpeyron Yes, looks like that would be the right path to isolate the cause. Thanks, will try that. -Archana
  4. Hi @jpeyron, I tried using a FIFO with width=10 and depth 131087. I get the same result. PFA the summary of FIFO IP that I used. The sampling frequency of ADC is 75ksps at 2.7V My input is 650 hz and Vpp= 1.5V; continuous sine wave. I'm using the Pmod VDD at 3.3V to power the ADC. The baud rate is set to 9600 for UART. Thanks, Archana
  5. Hello, I am trying to interface MCP3008 with basys 3 using SPI and store the values in a FIFO and transmit the values to PC using UART. Initially, I designed for ADC to convert input waveform and display results by increment or decrements of LED's. The MCP3008 ADC clock is 1.3 MHz clock. This works and led's increment as the amplitude of the input waveform is increased from signal generator . But when i receive through UART and plot on SerialPlot , the signal is distorted please find the code for ADC below: entity ADC is port ( -- command input clo