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  1. Where did you move it to? Have there been any updates? Thanks. Roy
  2. bk2001, I cannot speak for Digilent, but NI adds a shipping and handling charge to all products that is a percentage of the purchase price, hardware or software. It has nothing to do with the actual shipping cost of the product. Roy
  3. I recently learned of the LabVIEW Home Bundle. Also, in an NI article, that "And to help makers get started, NI is partnering with Digilent and SparkFun (coming soon) to bundle LabVIEW Home in a kit with sensors and actuators,". I am wondering if purchasers of the LabVIEW Home Bundle will be allowed to purchase the remainder of the sensor and actuator kit at a reduced rate when it comes out (i.e.: purchase the two parts of the kit at different times, but eventually pay the price of the combined kit. Otherwise, I might as well wait for the kit to come out.