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  1. Hello, I am using cora z7-10 to communicate with IMU using i2c protocol. So i am using i2c peripherals available in zynq itself and routed through EMIO to SDA and SCL pins available on board(P15 and P16 respectively). In constrained file i have pulled up both the pins . Also i have pulled up both the lines using 1k resistor externally. But as soon as i program the fpga, both the lines goes LOW from HIGH and stays low. I dont see any clock pulses on SCL line too. Why i dont see any pulses on scl line? Ideally both the lines should have been remain high after programming FPGA right?
  2. Hello, Can the differential input xadc pins A6-A11 of cora z7-10 take input range -0.5v to +0.5v instead of 0v to 1v? In Cora z7-10 reference manual it is stated that it can take input voltage range from 0v to 1v but i have worked in zybo board's XADC which could take differential ADC input voltage from -0.5v to +0.5v. Could anyone clarify on the range of input volatges for differential XADC on CORA z7-10 Board? Thank You.