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  1. Hi @vicentiu I have received a response from my order. Sorry for my late reply Thanks for your helping. Regards, Adimas
  2. Hello @BogdanVanca I have been sent an email to 9 days ago, but there's not answer until now. Thanks for your helping. Nice to meet you Regards, Adimas
  3. Hello @BogdanVanca Thanks for your response, I have been checkout the order from Digilent online store. And I choose the wire transfer for the payment. I have got an email about my order. Maybe this is my question now 1. Where do I have to pay? In the email there is not account bank number 2. Can yo give me HSCode number for this item? 3. If I choose Fedex International Priority, How long is it to shipping?
  4. Can I get contact of sales Digilent? I want to buy a Nexys 3 Spartan-6 FPGA Trainer Board. And I want to know the Trainer Board is ready stock or not.