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  1. @jpeyron Yes I have been connecting the Analog Discovery directly to my laptop (Surface Book 2) through the USB and it has been generating these errors. Everyone else in my class is able to do this without a problem with their boards and laptops so I believe it is a problem with my board specifically and it may need to be replaced. I read on the Digilent website that this would be the place to determine if that's necessary/possible.
  2. Hello, I ordered a brand new Analog Discovery bundle directly from Digilent a few weeks ago for use in a college class, but every time I have attempted to build a simple circuit and connect the board to WaveForms, I consistently get one of the two attached errors. The components of the parts kit have been working fine but it seems like there is a problem with the amount of power being supplied to the Analog Discovery board itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, bucklc2