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  1. Did this last version of the library get tested with Arduino IDE 1.6.4? I was trying this on Saturday 6/6 and have downloaded the latest library then. Is the one currently on github now different than the one that was there on 6/6? I am following the user manual for the gnd and signal pins for the connectors (outer pins are gnd). I am out of the office until 6/18; so will be unable to test anything until then, but want to make sure whatever SW is currently on github has been tested with the latest Arduino IDE version before I get to it again. Thanks Filipe
  2. Guys; I have hooked up a 100Hz 2Vpp sinewave to Analog Input 0 and ran the passthrough example sketch. Kept getting a flat 2V output on all AO channels (0 through 3). I commented out the two lines of the example and analog.write(0, 60000); in the hope of getting a different AO value on channel 0, but still get the flat 2V. Have a scope hooked up to AO channels. I have tried to set the V jumper to both 3.3V and 5V, but the result is the same. The Analog Shield is connected to an Arduino Uno. Any help appreciated. Thanks Filipe