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  1. Hi Jon, Thanks. Zybo board. And I want to apply external signals directly to Pmod connector and process them in PL part ... not in PS. Sincerely
  2. Pavel_47

    Zebo board: one connector missing

    Hello, On Zybo board there are 6 Pmod connectors: A ... F. But when I open "Board" tab in Vivado I see only 5. F is missing. Any comments ? Thanks
  3. Hello, Does exist example(s) that show how to access Pmod connectors from PL part of Zynq ? Thanks
  4. Hi Atilla, Thanks. What about I2C, i.e. TDI or TDO (JTAG) assign to SDA (I2C) and TCK assign to SCL. Then set trigger on SDA to ... let's say 0xAABBCCDD Will it work in this way. Thanks.
  5. Hi Attila, Can I use SPI feature to debug JTAG ... after all they are quite similar. For example set trigger on a series of bits on TDI line ? Thanks
  6. Hi JColvin, Thanks for feedback. Just two additional questions: According to the High Speed Adapter picture it looks as simple socket (i.e. passive component). What makes it work at 800 MS/s ? The difference between these two version of logic analyzer consists only in sample rate or Digital Discovery's version possess some interesting options that Analog Discovery 2's version doesn't have ... e.g. for my actual setup I need to trigger on several consequent bits on a single line ... i.e. if line_A = 0xAABBCCDD, proceed with capture. Does Digital Discovery's analyzer have such option ? Actually I use LeCroy analyzer and it doesn't have such option. Thanks once more, Sincerely Pavel
  7. Hello, Does exist an important difference in performance (e.g. speed) between Analog Discovery 2 and Digital Discovery logic analyzers. Thanks.
  8. Pavel_47

    Smart power management on Zynq-7000 boards

    Ok, thanks.
  9. Pavel_47

    Smart power management on Zynq-7000 boards

    Hello, I'm looking for an evaluation board that feature "smart" power management (e.g. over PMBus). Thanks.