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  1. I require the download site for the zc2020 image processing factory image for programming an sdcard. I have searched Diligent sites but I have not been able to find it. Thank You Tom
  2. Thank you once again. Yes, I downloaded Adept last night. Yes, it does recognize the XC7Z020. Here is a screen shot. And, I was able to program the FPGA with the .bit file. However, still no "Hello World" in the SDK console. Is there another way to initialize the program or debug the program other than the xilinx SDK? Tom
  3. Thank you for your reply, I am not using the pynq. I am using zynq xc7z020. Please see the attached screen shots. This was the component in the zybo image processing development system. Looking below at the "Device Manager" screen shot, I do not see anything that resembles anything that makes me think that the PC "sees" the zybo. You may be on to something. Thank you again. Tom
  4. It does not matter which operating system I am working in, EITHER windows 10 or ubuntu 18.04. I have made sure that I have loaded the proper board file. Recently downloaded it and then I opened the xml file to make sure that it was referring to the zc7020. When I check the ip in the block design, it shows a number of ip peripherals checked. I'm using vivado 2019 and SDK 2019. I followed the directions given in the post quoted below, for creating a bitstream in vivado and launching the SDK. Programming the FPGA shows an acknowledgment that the FPGA was programmed
  5. Dan, thank you for the reply. I did go to the USRP site and found the product that you mentioned. It is pretty expensive, and none of the code for it was available other than generic links to Xilinx and Gnu Radio. Tom
  6. I am looking for information concerning porting gnu radio to a zynq based development board. I have the pynq-z1. I have done a lot of looking at the gnu radio documentation but have not found the useful data. Thank You Tom