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    HelplessGuy reacted to jpeyron in GPS Pmod   
    Hi @HelplessGuy,
    To clarify you are trying to connect the Pmod GPS to the Zybo? Here is a completed Vivado 2018.2 Zybo/Pmod GPS without the sd card portion and using the interrupt. Here  is a completed Vivado 2018.2 Zybo/Pmod GPS with the sd card portion and does not use the interrupt. Make sure you have the digilent board files installed correctly and that you fix the path to the vivado library to reflect where it is on your pc in Vivado's project manager->settings.
    thank you,
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    HelplessGuy got a reaction from akhilahmed in Using Xilinx SDK directly with Zybo Z7   
    1) if you want to use your HDL and bitstream then yes. And you can promise me, that you want this, because using the processing unit without any hardware won't make sense and will work.
    you need the board files that your hardware and software knows the declaration of all kind of pins and where they are connected
    2) the is a button on top of SDK. Something like flash fpga. the other possibillity is to do this with open hardware manager
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    HelplessGuy reacted to BogdanVanca in Looking for the right board   
    Hello @HelplessGuy,
    Zybo-Z7 will satisfy your needs. It has an Ethernet connector and also an On-chip analog-to-digital converter (XADC). When you say "160kHz" you probably refer to the sample frequency. The on board analog to digital converter has an sampling rate of 1MSPS and 16 different aux channels. 
    You could also look on Arty Z7-10/20 version (, or even ZedBoard( Or if you want to work with an FPGA based board, you can go with Arty-A7( or Nexys4 ( I also depends on how much money do you want to spend.
    Best Regards,
    Bogdan Vanca