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  1. I've seen the datasheet before. I wasn't exactly right about the part not being clearly marked. It is marked, it's just extremely difficult to read anything from RJ-6 type package (it's the smallest IC from all in the kit). Anyway, my particular ADP3300 has brand code LDB, which means it has 3.3V output. Radoslaw
  2. Hi. The Analog Parts Kit contains ADP3300 Linear Regulator. There are a few versions (2.7, 3.0, 3.2, 3.3 or 5V), but all of them are called just ADP3300. The chip is very small and does not have clear markings. I couldn't find the information on output voltage of ADP3300 as shipped in the Analog Parts Kit on Digilent web site. Anyone knows which voltage version is it? Regards, Radoslaw
  3. Hello. Are there any plans for OS X version of Digilent Adept? When I'm at home I use Linux workstation, and I'm perfectly happy with the Linux version of Adept. But recently I was travelling at lot, while on the road I use OS X. It would be much easier for me (and probably all other people using OS X), if Digilent released OS X version of Adept. Of course I know there's no OS X version of Xilinx ISE or Vivado, but that can be run easily in a virtual machine. However, setting up USB passthrough in VirtualBox is always problematic, and even if it works, it never works reliably for me. Having a
  4. Hi all. My name's Radosław, I'm new to this forum, but not new to Digilent. I've been using your products for 3 years now. When it comes to programmable logic, I started with CoolRunner II Kit, then upgraded to Nexys 3 (which using most often). In the meantime I acquired Cmod C2 and S6 (which is awesomest small board ever). I also have three chipKITs, Analog Parts Kit and a bunch of Pmods! Regards, Radosław