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    Sarika Athya reacted to jpeyron in how to link device tree bin to u-boot binary?   
    Hi @Sarika Athya,
    I will reach out to more embedded linux engineers to see if they have any input for you. I did find some web pages that look like they would be helpful here  and here .The  Xilinx's u-boot might be helpful as well.
    thank you,
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    Sarika Athya got a reaction from Arjun in [CSim 211-100] error   
    How to resolve this.Can anyone help me with this.
    ERROR: [SIM 211-100] CSim failed with errors.
      while executing
    "source /prog/Xilinx/matrix_mult1/solution1/csim.tcl"
        invoked from within
    "hls::main /prog/Xilinx/matrix_mult1/solution1/csim.tcl"
        ("uplevel" body line 1)
        invoked from within
    "uplevel 1 hls::main {*}$args"
        (procedure "hls_proc" line 5)
        invoked from within
    "hls_proc $argv"
    Finished C simulation.