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  1. Sarika Athya

    how to link device tree bin to u-boot binary?

    hello svet-am can you please tell me how to add CONFIG_OF_EMBED file ,,i mean can you tell me exact path for adding this file thank-you
  2. Sarika Athya

    [CSim 211-100] error

    How to resolve this.Can anyone help me with this. ERROR: [SIM 211-100] CSim failed with errors. while executing "source /prog/Xilinx/matrix_mult1/solution1/csim.tcl" invoked from within "hls::main /prog/Xilinx/matrix_mult1/solution1/csim.tcl" ("uplevel" body line 1) invoked from within "uplevel 1 hls::main {*}$args" (procedure "hls_proc" line 5) invoked from within "hls_proc $argv" Finished C simulation.