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  1. Greetings, I've found where you can add a plot to the Script screen. How do I use the plot? The code complete brings up no methods / functions for the 'plot1' object. Nothing is listed in the Script help. Updating / adding data are key. Also, the Protocol.I2C.Clear() is listed in the help, but it is not available in the script. Any ideas? Thank you. Cheers, J -
  2. Sorry - what is the 'debug' option? Is this the 'debug' control inside the script window (debug, run, stop, abort)? J -
  3. Greetings, Is there a toolkit, etc. for use with the AD2 and Labview for I2C or SPI? I would like to monitor and simulate if possible. I have download and looked at both the Waveforms toolkit and AD2 toolkit, but did not immediately see this functionality. I'm guessing no such bundled library exits. Thank you Cheers, JMA
  4. attila, Thank you. My apologies on missing the links (silly questions now that I see the links). Cheers, jma
  5. Greetings, I'm looking for a comprehensive API for Waveforms with the Analog 2 Discovery. The code complete is very rudimentary and does not appear to show return types. I would also like to understand the differences as compared with the scripting language. Functions, objects, data types, keywords, structure, scripting, non-rudimentary examples, etc. would be of great assistance. Cheers, JMA
  6. Greetings, I am having difficulty using both the protocol or script and logic instruments. When I start logic, it stops immediately when I exercise the read/write on I2C Master Protocol. The same behavior happens with a quick script I have for writing and reading I2C. However, when I use the scope, I can capture the signals at the same time. I'm using DIO 7 & 15 for the logic and DIO 0 & 1 for I2C protocol. Any suggestions? Thank you. Cheers, JMA
  7. Awesome - thank you for the responses. Cheers, JMA
  8. I am new to the WaveForms software. In browsing the protocol section, it lists CAN. I'm happy and surprised to see this feature. How is this intended to be used? For example, using an external CAN bus transceiver to DIO 0 and DIO 1? A two wire CAN bus is a differential signal (similar to RS485) with clear limits on dominant / recessive states. I am using the Analog Discovery 2 hardware. What are the recommended connections? I'm hoping any responses to this will also apply to the logic analyzer as well. Having a CAN bus decoder would be awesome. WaveForms: 3.8.2 64 bit; Qt 5.6.3; Windows 7 Hardware: Analog Discover 2 Cheers, JMA