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  1. Hello, I have managed to reprogram my HS1, could I get some help to recover it?
  2. Good to hear! Please let me know if you want me to test anything! Thank you! Arvid
  3. Hi Michael Any news? Thanks, Arvid
  4. Hello, Have you got any updates from the FTDI support?
  5. Hello, Yes, I do use FT_Open(), because most FTDI devices I work with lack the EEPROM and therefore doesn't have any serial or meaningful description. I have installed the updated runtime. $ dpkg -s digilent.adept.runtime | grep Version Version: 2.19.1 Here is the log with the non-working setup: $ ADEPT_RT_LOGDETAIL=5 djtgcfg enum && cat DebugErc.log No devices found System Time Process Thread ERC ERC String Message 517481022 11136 248846144 0 ercNoErc FEnumAndUpdateCache - cftdevPrev = 0,
  6. Hi malexander, FT_GetDeviceInfoDetail(0) Flags: 0x00000002 Type: 0x00000008 (FT_DEVICE_232H) Id: 0x04036014 LocId: 0x0000010e Serial: 210299A06B5F Desc: Digilent USB Device FT_OPEN(0) returns FT_OK FT_GetDeviceInfoDetail(1) Flags: 0x00000002 Type: 0x00000006 (FT_DEVICE_2232H) Id: 0x04036010 LocId: 0x000010f1 Serial: Desc: Dual RS232-HS A FT_OPEN(1) returns FT_OK FT_GetDeviceInfoDetail(2) Flags: 0x00000002 Type: 0x00000006 (FT_DEVICE_2232H) Id: 0x04036010 LocId: 0x000010f2 Serial: Desc: Dual RS232-HS B FT_OPEN(2) r
  7. Hello Malexander, No, root permissions does not make any difference. And when I have the setup where the JTAG´╗┐-HS3 is not found, if I pull out the power on the board with the FTDI chip (USB cable still connected to PC), then the JTAG-HS3 starts to work. And if I plug in the power to the FTDI device once more, the JTAG -HS3 is not found any more. $ sudo djtgcfg enum [sudo] password for arvid: No devices found $ sudo djtgcfg enum Found 1 device(s) Device: JtagHs3 Product Name: Digilent JTAG-HS3 User Name: JtagHs3 Serial Number: 210299A06B
  8. Hello JColvin, The FTDI device always works, it doesn't matter which port its connected to. I have also seen the same behaviour on another computer.
  9. Hi I have tried both directly in the PC and using a USB hub. I get the same result. No processes is using the FTDI device, it is only connected to the computer. Removing the ftdi_sio kernel driver does not make any difference.
  10. Hello, My computer is a Ubuntu 18.01 machine. I have a Digilent JTAG-HS3 and 3rd-part board with a FTDI FT2232 chip connected to my computer. The FT2232 chip is just a simple FTDI device, it doesn't have any EEPROM connected to it. If the devices are are connected to my PC in the wrong order, the Digilent JTAG-HS3 will not be discovered by the Adepts utilities. If I then swap the physical USB ports for the cables, the Digilent JTAG-HS3 can be found. Is this a bug in the Adept Runtime for Linux? $ djtgcfg enum No devices found $ lsusb Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003