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  1. Hello @rappysaha, You will need to have licenses for the HDMI TX Subsystem, HDMI RX Subsystem and the VPHY controller. You may request an evaluation license or purchase one here. Regards, AndrewHolzer
  2. Hey David, The Digital Discovery doesn't Slave mode, meaning it won't be able to send the ACK bit. Regards, AndrewHolzer
  3. Hey @reddish, This is really cool and I know a few people who would love to see this! Thank you for sharing this demo with us!
  4. Hello @mikew, The 240-021-6 will work as a replacement for 240-035. It is only missing the right-angle header. Regards, AndrewHolzer
  5. Hi @Tylor, As far as my understanding goes there isn't a 2019.4 version. Xilinx transitioned to releasing 2 versions per year in 2019 and the last 2019 version released was 2019.2. Regards, AndrewHolzer
  6. Hello @Gumesh, I looked into it a bit to see what I could come up with, but since we haven't used the ov9821 in our products this is as much support we can provide. The ov9821 supports different image resolution, color support, and active array sizes, among other differences in specifications vs the ov5640. As such, both the drivers and the IP iself would need to be adjusted to account for these different specifications and any changes in register sizes on the ov9821. Hopefully one of our amazing community members has some experience with that product and can help you out.
  7. Hello @CurtisNotestine, What version of Vivado are you using? Xilinx no longer includes, and has no plans for replacing the Ethernet PHY MII to Reduced MII (MII2RMII) in versions 2019.2 or later. The current work around is to obtain a copy of the IP provided in Vivado 2019.1 or earlier. You can include it in 2019.2 onwards by including it like you would a regular IP repository. This thread has all that information. Best regards, AndrewHolzer
  8. Hi @DavidLee1997, I am letting you know that I've seen your question and I am working on finding you an answer. Keep an eye out for a response! Thank you for your patience, AndrewHolzer
  9. Hello @tkuraku, I'm taking a look at getting you some kind of directionality so you can recreate that magic. I'll let you know what steps to take as soon as I have them myself. Thank you for your patience, AndrewHolzer
  10. Hi @rappysaha, I just wanted to let you know that I am looking at what our support plans are for the Genesys 5EV, and that I am waiting for some questions I had to get answered. I'll relay that information to you as soon as I get it myself. Thank you, AndrewHolzer
  11. For those coming to this thread at a later date, looking for a solution to the "busy" Trigger state: In short the "busy" state is a catchall for any Trigger state that isn't Idle, Stopped, Triggered, Running or Armed. In the case of the Trigger, it is usually busy due to being in a Waiting state but can be other states as defined in the OPEN_SCOPE_STATES enumeration in OpenScope.h of the firmware source (starting at line 476). The solution here is to wait for the Trigger to leave that "busy" state by continuing to send the Trigger getCurrentState commands. I suggest that an easement algor
  12. Hi @Raghunathan, I took a look into the WPA/WPA2 issue you've been having. In short, the WINC1500 driver doesn't distinguish between WPA & WPA2 from the perspective of the software, in happens internally on the chip. The OpenLogger reports back to WaveForms Live what the WINC1500 is telling it during a WiFi AP scan, which is that a WPA/WPA2 network is just a WPA network. I'm glad to hear that switching to WPA got you to the saving stage, but I urge you to go back to WPA2 instead. You are increasing the vulnerability of your local network. Instead, can you please send a capture of
  13. Hi @orquesea, There are a few things going on that I will try to explain to you, that I hope will help you get things working properly and perhaps impart some info on how WaveForms Live is working. WaveForms-Live calculates the expected acquisition time based off the buffer size and the sampling frequency. After clicking Start, WaveForms-Live waits for this period of time to pass before querying the OpenScope for available data. WaveForms-Live also calculates the sampling frequency from the time per division value in order to fit the entire acquired signal on the chart by default. If we
  14. Hi @Raghunathan, Is it possible for you to send a capture of the browser console log when you are trying to log to the SD card and get the "Error Starting or Running" message? There should be some more technical information in there that should help in debugging your issues.
  15. You will have to redo the calibration every time you program the OpenScope with the Arduino tools. It isn't preserved through the process. You can possibly re-implement the firmware upgrade flow in WFL, which will allow you to preserve the calibration settings that have been saved in flash. Otherwise you can save to an SD card as well. We intended that user calibration exist on the SD card and manufacturing calibration be kept in flash, but both can be overwritten by the user, anyways.