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  1. This is great. Thx Cheers Mike....
  2. Actually it doesn't answer my question at all. The board I'm using is a Cerebot MX7cK. It has an ICSP connector on it but the reference manual on page 16 says not to use it. So how do I program this board. The only two alternatives are Serial or USB. Which is i and how do I set it up?? There are several serial ports and a couple of USB ports. Lots of choices!! I actually tried to connect a PICKit 3 to the board but it didn't recognize the device!!! Cheers Mike.... ‚Äč
  3. Mike Brooks said: Hi Several years ( 2 ) ago I purchased a Cerebot MX7ck board. The board works fine, but because of the time since I've used this board I can't remember or figure out how to download software to it. It has an ICSP prt which is not to be used, so my guess it's loaded through a serial port or USB port. Can you please tell me what I need to load a hex file. I'm asuming MPLAB X but how do I load the hex file to the board. Thx for your help in advance. Cheers Mike....