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  1. Hi @jpeyron I am using 14.7. I am able to generate a bitstream and it doesn't have any errors or warnings. Nothing happened on display. I tried to connect it to Arduino and it works fine, so it is not up to display. Best regards.
  2. Hi, I want to connect Pmod to Arduino Uno. From Arduino pins we get 5V so does this refer only to power supply (which we have on Arduino board) or for others pins too? Is it safe to connect it directly to Arduino or I have to use voltage dividerfor other pins? Thank you.
  3. Hi @jpeyron, Is this way okay? Best regards. NET "CLK" LOC = "C9" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33; NET "CLK" TNM_NET = sys_clk_pin; TIMESPEC TS_sys_clk_pin = PERIOD sys_clk_pin 100000 kHz; NET "CS" LOC = "B4" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 | SLEW = FAST | DRIVE = 8 ; NET "SDIN" LOC = "A4" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 | SLEW = FAST | DRIVE = 8 ; #NET "J<2>" LOC = "D5" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 | SLEW = FAST | DRIVE = 8 ; NET "SCLK" LOC = "C5" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 | SLEW = FAST | DRIVE = 8 ; NET "DC" LOC = "A6" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 | SLEW = FAST | DRIVE = 8 ; NET "RES" LOC = "B6" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 | SLEW = FAST | DRIVE = 8 ; NET "VBAT" LOC = "E7" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 | SLEW = FAST | DRIVE = 8 ; NET "VDD" LOC = "F7" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 | SLEW = FAST | DRIVE = 8 ; NET "RST" LOC = "H13" | IOSTANDARD = LVTTL | PULLDOWN ; project.7z
  4. Hi @jpeyron, I have tried as you said, but it didn't solve the problem. Thank you anyway. Best regards.
  5. Thank you for tips @jpeyron. I have done all like you said, but literally. For example this constraints I used in my project: NET "CS" LOC = "B4" | IOSTANDARD = LVTTL | SLEW = SLOW | DRIVE = 6 ; NET "SDIN" LOC = "A4" | IOSTANDARD = LVTTL | SLEW = SLOW | DRIVE = 6 ; And this is how it is used in project: Net "CS" LOC = T12 | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33; #Bank = 2, pin name = IO_L19P, Sch name = JA1 Net "SDIN" LOC = V12 | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33; #Bank = 2, pin name = IO_L19N, Sch name = JA2 Difference is in IOSTANDARD, is that important and could that damage display? Best regards.
  6. Hi @jpeyron, Yes, I altered some parts of code like matrix which couldn't accept, names of states, they are strings, but I used another way, as you can see in code above. But the logic is same, all states and their functionality, I didn't change that. Is necessary to change that too? Best regards.
  7. Hello @JColvin, Thank you for answer. I didn't pay attention to that detail. That explains why it doesn't work on PmodOLED2 display, but I have also tried it on Pmod OLED display, because there I found this code, but still not working. I draw FSM that is used here, but all seems okay. I am still beginner so maybe it is something I don't see. I know it is hard to analyze my code cause I didn't write comments (rookie mistake), but does exist some project, cause one I found on site doesn't work. I know it was for Nexys3, not Spartan 3E Starter Kit, but I have changed constraints file, matrix (which is not supported), names of states (were strings), but logic seems okay. All I found is for Vivado which doesn't support this board. Best regards.
  8. `timescale 1ns / 1ps `define Idle 4'b0000 `define Character 4'b0001 `define Done 4'b0010 `define UpdateScreen 4'b0011 `define ClearDC 4'b0100 `define SetPage 4'b0101 `define PageNum 4'b0110 `define LeftColumn1 4'b1111 `define LeftColumn2 4'b1000 `define SetDC 4'b1001 `define SendChar 4'b1010 `define Transition1 4'b1011 `define Transition2 4'b1100 `define Transition3 4'b1101 `define ReadMem 4'b1110 `define ReadMem2 4'b1111 module OledEX( CLK, RST, EN, CS, SDO, SCLK, DC, FIN ); input CLK; input RST; input EN; output CS; output SDO; output SCLK; output DC; output FIN; wire CS, SDO, SCLK, DC, FIN; reg [7:0] current_screen; reg [7:0] screen; initial screen=8'h41; reg [3:0] current_state; reg [3:0] after_state; reg [3:0] after_page_state; reg [3:0] after_char_state; reg [3:0] after_update_state; reg temp_dc; reg temp_spi_en; reg [7:0] temp_spi_data; wire temp_spi_fin; reg [7:0] temp_char; reg [10:0] temp_addr; wire [7:0] temp_dout; reg [1:0] temp_page; reg [3:0] temp_index; assign DC = temp_dc; assign FIN = (current_state == `Done) ? 1'b1 : 1'b0; SpiCtrl SPI_COMP( .CLK(CLK), .RST(RST), .SPI_EN(temp_spi_en), .SPI_DATA(temp_spi_data), .CS(CS), .SDO(SDO), .SCLK(SCLK), .SPI_FIN(temp_spi_fin) ); charLib CHAR_LIB_COMP( .clka(CLK), .addra(temp_addr), .douta(temp_dout) ); always @(posedge CLK) begin case(current_state) `Idle : begin if(EN == 1'b1) begin current_state <= `ClearDC; after_page_state <= `Character; temp_page <= 2'b00; end end `Character : begin current_screen <= screen; current_state <= `UpdateScreen; after_update_state <= `Done; end `Done : begin if(EN == 1'b0) begin current_state <= `Idle; end end `UpdateScreen : begin temp_char <= current_screen; if(temp_index == 'd15) begin temp_index <= 'd0; temp_page <= temp_page + 1'b1; after_char_state <= `ClearDC; if(temp_page == 2'b11) begin after_page_state <= after_update_state; end else begin after_page_state <= `UpdateScreen; end end else begin temp_index <= temp_index + 1'b1; after_char_state <= `UpdateScreen; end current_state <= `SendChar; end `ClearDC : begin temp_dc <= 1'b0; current_state <= `SetPage; end `SetPage : begin temp_spi_data <= 8'b00100010; after_state <= `PageNum; current_state <= `Transition1; end `PageNum : begin temp_spi_data <= {6'b000000,temp_page}; after_state <= `LeftColumn1; current_state <= `Transition1; end `LeftColumn1 : begin temp_spi_data <= 8'b00000000; after_state <= `LeftColumn2; current_state <= `Transition1; end `LeftColumn2 : begin temp_spi_data <= 8'b00010000; after_state <= `SetDC; current_state <= `Transition1; end `SetDC : begin temp_dc <= 1'b1; current_state <= after_page_state; end `SendChar : begin temp_addr <= {temp_char, 3'b111}; after_state <= after_char_state; current_state <= `ReadMem; end `ReadMem : begin current_state <= `ReadMem2; end `ReadMem2 : begin temp_spi_data <= temp_dout; current_state <= `Transition1; end `Transition1 : begin temp_spi_en <= 1'b1; current_state <= `Transition2; end `Transition2 : begin if(temp_spi_fin == 1'b1) begin current_state <= `Transition3; end end `Transition3 : begin temp_spi_en <= 1'b0; current_state <= after_state; end default : current_state <= `Idle; endcase end endmodule Hi. I need help. I am using that code to display just one character on PmodOLED2 display. I saw there is no projects for that display, only for pmod oled. Code is similar as code from site, but it is not working. It doesn't have any error. I am using ISE DESIGN SUIT 14.7 and Spartan 3E Starter Kit. Code from site not working too. Any tip would be appreciated.