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  1. Hi StudentAmsterdam, If you want to modify an IP within Xilinx Vivado, I would recommend posting in the Xilinx forums. If you want to generate a sine wave yourself I found this thread that talks about just that. Kaitlyn
  2. Hello 0928090, I found this IP that seems to meet your needs. Kaitlyn
  3. Hi Tony, What that error means is that you cannot have two different I/O standards, input output voltage standards in the same bank. To fix it you need to go to your XDC file for the project and change the I/O standards that say LVCMOS18 to LVCMOS33. You can always use the I/O standards listed in the Basys 3 master XDC file on the product page. Kaitlyn
  4. Hamster and Tunai Porto, I found a fix that has been working for people on the Xilinx forums. There are two ways to fix this, rename C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.2\tps\win64\xvcredist.exe to anything else, or add the line "set XIL_PA_NO_REDIST_CHECK=1" after line 115 in C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.2\bin\loader.bat. Please let me know if this ends up working for you guys. Kaitlyn
  5. Hi Hao, The best place to find the most up to date resources is on the wiki. Each board has it's own resource center. However I don't know if there is a tutorial or library for this, but if there was the wiki is the place to look. Kaitlyn
  6. quim.le, You can use the free Webpack version of either ISE or Vivado. Kaitlyn
  7. qim.le, Our FPGA boards are not yet compatible with LabVIEW. You'll need to use Xilinx Vivado or Xilinx ISE. Kaitlyn
  8. Hi supersenior, A great place to start would be the Nexys 3 Resource center. Along with that we have a series of FPGA learn modules. I Hope those resources help! Kaitlyn
  9. Priya, In order to tell you how to fix your code I need to see your code that generated the errors after you edited the demo. Kaitlyn
  10. Hi Hamster, Thanks for helping out so quickly. I've also seen the unofficial fix work many times. Kaitlyn
  11. Hi Priya, You need to attach the whole file directory for your project, including the source files, not just the Vivado project file, in order for me to help you. Kaitlyn
  12. Hi Alok, I responded to your question in this thread. Kaitlyn
  13. Hi Alok, If you look at this page, you can see the NI myRIO has 40 digital I/O lines. Kaitlyn
  14. Alex, Thanks for posting your project! Kaitlyn
  15. Cathy, Where did you install LabVIEW, you would have chosen this in step 3 of Dharsan's instructable that Josh linked to, on installing LabVIEW. You can go to this location and click on the exe file. Alternatively, if you are using windows you can search for LabVIEW. Kaitlyn
  16. A customer asked, Can I use the Analog Discovery with National Instruments Software Ex. LabView Or LabWindows CVI? Thank You,
  17. Hi Roney, You use the SMA connectors to physically connect whatever you are trying to measure, one SMA connector on either side. One SMA connector sends out a frequency and the other receives it. Kaitlyn
  18. Hi Bluehorse, I'm glad you were able to get your issue solved. Thanks for posting the resolution for all other users to see! Kaitlyn
  19. Here is my instructions on converting from UCF to XDC files.
  20. Hi Jonathan, The default frequency is 50 MHz. If you go to the schematic page six, you will find this note. If you go to the Oscillators section of the Basys 2 reference manual, as shown below, there is a diagram for each jumper configuration. Kaitlyn
  21. Hi there cbg, I'm going to send this question off to support to get a cad file for you. Kaitlyn
  22. Commanderfranz

    Dram access

    Hi Mahsa, Unfortunately since you aren't using any Digilent products I am unable to help you. I would recommend posting in the Xilinx forums. Kaitlyn
  23. Commanderfranz

    Dram access

    Hi Mahsa, Before I work on answering your question I was wondering if you could give me some more information, What board are you using? Kaitlyn