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  1. Hi nversluis, Thanks for letting us know about that, and sorry for the confusion that it caused. We have sent a note off to our applications team to get that fixed. Kaitlyn
  2. Hi Howard, I liked your video a lot. You quite fairly pointed out the limitations while celebrating the great features. I even wrote a blog post about it. Kaitlyn
  3. jditte, The openscope update is scheduled to go out on the blog tomorrow. Sorry for the delay! Kaitlyn
  4. hi Fpga_dev, As I mentioned in this post. You can use any of the pmod ports using a SPI controller written in VHDL or Verilog. The SPI pins that are interfaced to the accelerometer are dedicated for it's use. Kaitlyn
  5. Hi student_pakistan, You can communicate via SPI through any of the Pmod ports available on the Nexys 4 by using a SPI controller in either VHDL or Verilog. This thread contains an example of how to read from SPI. Could you tell us more about the RFID reader you'll be using? Kaitlyn
  6. Hi Armel, Welcome to the Forums and that's a great idea! I myself have confused the colors on the wires a few times. Kaitlyn
  7. Hi LDS, If you open the License Manager you can see all of the active licenses. If you installed both the Arty license and the webpack license, you would see both appear there, so you do not have to reinstall. Since the Arty License and Basys 3 License are locked to the same device, yes installing them on different computers would be a great idea! Node locked just means that once you install one on one computer you cannot transfer that license to another computer. I.e. once you've used the code to generate a license for one computer it adds information about that computer in that li
  8. Hi Jorge, These are all very common and great questions about licensing. The Voucher that you can buy with the Basys 3 is for the Design Edition of Vivado. Just as in ISE you can get the free webpack version license for vivado, which will allow you to generate a bitstream. You can view the differences between the Design Edition and Webpack edition on this graph. The Voucher that you can buy with the Basys 3 allows you to upgrade to the latest versions for a year, and then remains static. The Voucher that comes with the Basys 3 is node locked, as is the webpack editi
  9. Commanderfranz

    cmod 6 clock

    Hi Wheezs, To access the clock for basic VHDL or Verilog designs you have to uncomment the clock line in your UCF file. That is, this line: #FPGA_GCLK NET "CLK" LOC = "N8" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33; Then you use "CLK" to connect it in your design. You can find the master UCF file at Kaitlyn
  10. Troy, I changed the reference manual section to say resource center to reduce some confusion. I'll change my instructable as well. Thanks again! Kaitlyn
  11. Hi Jsyschan, According to this tutorial, it appears as though you can. Hope that helps! Kaitlyn
  12. Hi Troy, So sorry for the confusion! That link appears to have disappeared in the launch of the new website. I've posted it on the Design Resources section of the resource center for the Zybo. I'll work on finding the places that reference it and fixing the language. Thanks so much for letting us know! Kaitlyn
  13. Hi again Daniel, I want to make sure your question gets answered as quickly as possible. Can you please post an image of your block diagram and your code. It's hard to figure out whats wrong without any code or error messages. Kaitlyn
  14. Hi JimS, No need to apologize for being new, we were all new once! 1. Yes you are correct Adept is a tool to program files to the board and does not do any synthesis or implementation. The thing that I use adept for most often is when I run into compatibilty or driver issues with either Xilinx ISE or Vivado. For example the other day I needed to test a project from ISE and iMPACT couldn't locate my board. I pulled up adept and it programmed my board fine. It's the tool I suggest in lab when any of the students in my lab can't get their board programmed. Adept should work on Windows 1
  15. Hi Devolf, I'm so sorry for the delay of response. I have moved your question to the LabVIEW section of the forums so our LabVIEW expert can take a look. Kaitlyn
  16. Hi Gary, Thanks so much for posting your solution, this will help make sure others don't go through the same struggle you did. Your patience is appreciated. Kaitlyn
  17. Hi vdskim, I'm glad you found the forums! The Analog Discovery 2 and Zybo are two of my favorites as well. Kaitlyn
  18. Hi Steven, Yes it can. When you open the license manager you can load a new license, this just adds more licenses to Vivado. You can then go to manage license status and see that all your licenses are there. Kaitlyn
  19. Hi qasddd, Regarding your second question, you can. If you use multiple lines in an if or case statement you need to inclose them in a begin, end structure. For example, case (I) 2'b0: begin Y[0] = 4'b0; Y[1] = 4'b1; end Alternatively you can assign both of those values in the same line Y = 2'b10; assuming Y is only two bits wide. However in your example you are assigning a 4 bit constant to a 1 bit value, which will give you warnings. When you say Y[0] you are saying the 0th bit of Y. So that is only one bit wide. Regarding your second question, I'm not sure
  20. debugasm, I would recommend reinstalling the Xilinx cable drivers. You can follow the steps in the Xilinx cable installation guide for windows 7 starting on page 15. Let us know if this works! Kaitlyn
  21. Hi Larissa, Based on my research on the Xilinx site, the Virtex -7 family is supported by Xilinx iMPACT. The Digilent JTAG-HS3 programmer is compatible with Xilinx iMPACT according to their documentation. So based on that Xilinx iMPACT should work. According to this forum post, you can submit a request to download iMPACT here. Kaitlyn
  22. jmzybo, Sorry that didn't work out. I find that most of the Xilinx tools work better for me on linux, it sounds like switching to Ubuntu solved your issue. Thanks for posting the problem and what you ended up doing! Kaitlyn
  23. Hi nolaziness, I would recommend reinstalling the Xilinx drivers. You can find instructions in the Xilinx post about reinstalling drivers. . Hope this helps! Kaitlyn
  24. Hi chasep255, I would highly recommend using the adept API as it was built to work for this particular interface. This question has been escalated to someone who can look into other options for you much more accurately than I. Kaitlyn
  25. Hi there jmzybo, I found this thread on the Xilinx Forums that discusses this same issue. Let me know if this fixes the problem. Kaitlyn