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  1. Hey All, We recently posted a new version of WaveForms Live which ads some new features. This blog post lists all the changes in the update.
  2. Hey Inobu, Thanks for the feedback on the videos! There is some additional documentation on the resource center here that you might find useful: Do you have any specific ideas on videos or documentation that you think might be helpful? I want to create the most useful documentation possible so I love to get requests and feedback directly from users. Kaitlyn
  3. Hey Paolo, I'm glad you found my videos helpful! I've been working on other projects, but if you have any other ideas for videos that you would find helpful let me know. Kaitlyn
  4. Hey Lee Leduc, WaveForms is a desktop application so it won't work in a browser. However, WaveForms Live runs in a browser and is accessible via WaveForms Live does not work with the Analog Discovery 2 but is compatible with the OpenScope MZ. Kaitlyn
  5. Hi @Old Printer, If you are interested in adding knobs, this project uses LabVIEW to add knobs to the Analog Discovery. It should provide you with, at least a place to start.
  6. What is the maximum operating temperature of the Analog Discovery 2? Is there an ideal temperature range for accuracy, or is it just recommended to re-calibrate at different temperatures.
  7. If you are looking for a right angle header:
  8. Hi uminded, The theory of course still applies but you will have to adjust labs because of the differences between the Openscope and Analog Discovery 2. Some of the labs will have to be adjusted for speed and voltage limitations, and some of the labs will be different because the Openscope tools are not the same as Analog Discovery 2. For example the RC circuit forced response lab has to have the resistor and capacitor values adjusted due to the speed and voltage limitations differing from the AD2. Another example is the Openscope with WaveForms Live has a Bode plot, so you can see t
  9. Hi Dave, We're getting that mistake fixed right away. Thanks for letting us know and I apologize for the confusion that it caused! Kaitlyn
  10. Hello, I copied and pasted the code that is presented here into WaveForms and it wouldn't run. I also tried changing scope to scope1. Is there something missing? Kaitlyn
  11. Thanks jwnall, That tutorial was written by one of our interns. You can find that tutorial and similar tutorials for all the tools on our wiki
  12. Hi YangQi, To program the Basys 3 via JTAG you don't need a JTAG programming cable as the programming circuitry is located on board, the missing portion of the schematic. The methods for programming the Basys 3 are described in the Basys 3 programming guide. For more help getting started there are lots of tutorials and a getting started guide on the resource center.
  13. Hi there, We also have videos detailing installation of WaveForms 2015 located here. Kaitlyn
  14. Hi Aaron, Let us know if you find a solution on the chipKIT forums. Kaitlyn
  15. Hi M, After reading this thread, I'm excited to see how your project progresses. If you finish your project and want to show it off, feel free to post in in the project vault. Kaitlyn
  16. I remember that the original WaveForms had a voltmeter tool. When I went to look for it in WaveForms 2015 I couldn't find it. It is mentioned in the reference manual as being in one of the main tabs labeled meters, but I don't see a meters tab. I also noticed that in the reference manual there are links to a meters section of the reference manual but that section doesn't exist. The Analog Discovery 2 page says that it includes a voltmeter so I was wondering where it is. I must be missing something. Kaitlyn
  17. Hello, I am trying to use the calibration wizard in the Device manager of WaveForms 2015 3.3.3. However when I get to the step to calibrate the oscilloscope where both P channels are connected to AWG 1 and both N channels are connected to ground, it gives a warning to check the connections. It says: "Check the connections!! The measured voltage on Oscilloscope Channel 1 is between: 0V and 4.970276V (this number is slightly different every time) But it should be around: 5V It might be that the Arbitrary Waveform Generator 1 Offset is not calibrated correctly" I tried: - A d
  18. Hello, I'm trying to rename my Analog Discovery 2 in WaveForms 2015 3.3.3 but have been unsuccessful. When I type in a new name it says "rename failed." This seems to happen no matter what I name it, just letters, letters and numbers, and with special characters. I am working in Windows 8.1 Kaitlyn
  20. Hi Jake, I'm going to try to replicate this issue. What is your operating system, and what is the exact file that you downloaded to install the chipKIT core and from where? Kaitlyn
  21. Hi Jake, Did you manually install with the zip file, or did you automatically install from the Arduino IDE? Both are described in the chipKIT core Wiki.
  22. Hi Attila, I had installed it from the targz and redid it with the RPM and it works now. Thanks! Out of curiosity why does extracting the targz and running the script not work? Kaitlyn
  23. Hi Attila, I installed adept utilities and it says "no devices found" when I run the command you suggested. This happens with the AD2 plugged in and not plugged in. I also had tried rebooting and connecting and reconnecting the AD2 earlier but had forgotten to mention that. Thanks for your help! Kaitlyn
  24. Hi Romain145, Unfortunately we can't speak to Xilinx's road-map for their products. I would recommend posting on the xilinx forum to see if they can let you know. Kaitlyn
  25. Hello, I've successfully installed Waveforms 2015 v3.3.3 and the Adept runtime 2.16.1 on my machine which is running Fedora 21. Both are 64 bit. However, when I plug in the Analog Discovery 2 it shows no device detected. I tried reinstalling the Adept runtime, and the FTDI drivers with no success. The Analog Discovery 2 does show up on my machine as a USB device however. It shows up as "Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232H Single HS USB-UART/FIFO IC" Thanks! Kaitlyn