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  1. Once again, I answered my own question (hey I'm a SW newbie). There's a command in the driver called OLED_ClearBuffer() that does just what you'd think it does. It was erasing each shape after I drew it. Sorry to bug you all.
  2. Hello! I'm using an Arty-S7 with a PMODOLED. I want to draw several rectangles on the little display, but the example design seems to delete the previous rectangle when I add a new one. Is there some magic to display multiple rectangles or do I need to dig deeper and hack on OledGrph.c? Thanks! Craig
  3. CraigA

    Multiple PMODOLED

    I think I just figured it out. In DemoInitialize, you get a handle back to the PMOD you're using: OLED_Begin(&myDevice, XPAR_PMODOLED_0_AXI_LITE_GPIO_BASEADDR, XPAR_PMODOLED_0_AXI_LITE_SPI_BASEADDR, orientation, invert); I just need to run this 4 times with 4 different "&myDevice"'s and PMODOLED_1, 2, etc. I'll try it and report back.
  4. Hi There, I'm using an Arty-S7 board and am connecting PMODOLEDs to all 4 PMOD connecters (JA, JB, JC, JD). The example that comes with the driver only talks to the PMOD connected to JA, and it works like a champ. Looking at the code and header files, though, I'm not seeing how to talk to the other PMODs. What should I change to talk to the PMODOLEDs on JB, JC or JD. Be gentle, I'm really a hardware guy and using this to learn a little more about C-programming and to that end, the less amount of hacking needed the better. Thanks! Craig