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  1. I am having this problem with my project under a shared folder on Dropbox. When under OneDrive (no share), no problem. Windows 10 Vivado 2018.2 [IP_Flow 19-3475] Tcl error in ::ipgui_wifi_demo1_mig_7series_0_1::updateAllModelParams procedure for BD Cell 'mig_7series_0'. error renaming "c:/Users/xxxx/Dropbox/yyyy/7.9.2/Ar_WF_WS.srcs/sources_1/bd/wifi_demo1/ip/wifi_demo1_mig_7series_0_1/_tmp/wifi_demo1_mig_7series_0_1" to "c:/Users/xxxx/Dropbox/yyyy/7.9.2/Ar_WF_WS.srcs/sources_1/bd/wifi_demo1/ip/wifi_demo1_mig_7series_0_1/wifi_demo1_mig_7series_0_1": permission denied I need it to
  2. Hi JColvin, Thanks for your promptly reply and explanations. I would like to present here the suggestions to Digilent to offer a 20x4 display and a 8-bits serial to parallel SPI board. Although we have so many fancy high-resolution, touch-screens displays available nowadays, for a first step on a product development or simple applications, this kind of LCD module is still useful. Thank you again, Guacamoleroger
  3. Hi, JColvin, Thanks for your return ! I am still working on this issue. Sorry if I was not clear. You know, digilent display has 16 characters on each of its 2 lines. I have a 20 characters on 4 lines display. It is not related with the pixel x pixel char formation. My main question is: If I disconnect the 16x2 LCD from the main PmodCLS board and connect the 20x4, does the software on PIC will display correctly? I noticed that the instruction set of PmodCLS could be set to (5B 5B)1h (set display mode, 0 = wrap line at 16 character, 1 = wrap line at 40 characters). Th
  4. Hy, guys, I am using the PmodCLS, and although it is retired now (October 2018), my project is ongoing with 4 of them, using an adapted VHDL demo code from resource center. I am in need of using one 20x4 LCD module instead of the 16x2 I have there. As a first innocent try, I just connected in parallel the 20x4 pins with the 16x2 pins. The 16x2 continue to work, but the 20x4 shows only squares...(contrast and backlight connections are ok). In the demo lookup file it does not seems to have a configuration command for the LCD. Is PmodCLS automatically configured for 16x2?
  5. Hi, guys, I am in need of a Digilent board to run Linux with a GUI to have access to IOpins and peripherals, and also to work together with the vhdl codes on the FPGA. I am not sure how to install Linux on SD card, start a boot from there, ANDhave at the same time a vhdl code running on FPGA that I could edit and compile using the vivado (2018.2). The idea is to have the vhdl code running the hardware and the GUI on linux to present values of input, output, make the configuration on-line of the vhdl variables, etc... I was thinking about the Zybo board. Can someone give me,