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  1. Hi, I am currently running the Pmod WiFi TCP demo on two zedboards and encounter an issue as below: For the server, it gave me a status 0x10003A00. For the client, it gave me a status 26845304. Unfortunately I cannot figure out the definition of the IPstatus in the demo. I checked my vivado project and zedboard setup, which seemed to be correct. I am using USE_WPA2_KEY with the same ipv4 address, ssid, and password btw. Is there any hint for debugging based on the current information? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi @jpeyron That's very helpful! Thank you again for your kind advice. Best, Conan
  3. Hi @jpeyron, Thank you for your quick reply. That's a pity. May I follow up with one more question? How about using PmodBT2? Does it support peer-to-peer communication between multiple Zedboard? I read the guide "How to Auto-Connect 2 PmodBT2's Together" quickly but failed to find the answer. Appreciate your help! Best, Conan
  4. Hello, I am new to Zedboard and trying to establish ad-hoc connection between several Zedboards using the digilent Pmod WiFi antenna. The Pmod WiFi video and github code are pretty helpful, but I am not clear for the SDK side, specially for the way to enable the ad-hoc function. Does it include in the Pmod WiFi code already? Or is there any existing code that I can refer to? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi @jpeyron, Thank you for your reply. Honestly I am new for zynq board. I am trying to get started from Microblaze that I am more familiar with and easy to follow with the wifi demo. Since Zynq processor includes the DDR3 SDRAM controller already, that is much more straightforward. I will remove the mig core then. Thanks again for the advice! Best, Conan
  6. Hi, I am trying to build a wifi communication between Zedboard and Raspberry Pi. I referred to this link: At the very beginning, I encountered an issue when building customize the MIG core. The target is set to digilent Zedboard (xc7z020clg484-1). I have added the board library. There is no memory selection under the board, so I tried to initialize the MIG by myself. Then in the constraints section, I cannot find the corresponding pins according to the schematic. I would like to know if there is any way to solve it. Thanks a lot!