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  1. https://github.com/Digilent/Cora-Z7-07S-base-linux zip file doesnt contain anyVivado Project files? The Readme file is blank?
  2. Which PetaLinux config file do I modify to exclude the XADC interface?
  3. Where can I get the Vivado project files that will with the CoraZ7s Petalinux ?
  4. I have developed a bit file for a standalone operation for the CoraZ7s. Then attempted to the use the Digilent https://github.com/Digilent/Petalinux-Cora-Z7-07S/blob/master/README.md I first ran the Petalinux with the supplied system_wrapper.bit. Work fine. Then replaced the bit file in the /images/linux directory with my own bit file. Then ran the "petalinux-package --boot --force --fsbl images/linux/zynq_fsbl.elf --fpga images/linux/system_wrapper.bit --u-boot" command. And booted from SD card. The error indications suggests there are some IP definitions required for this
  5. When a custom bit files is used the petalinux fails. I am assuming the Petalinux build is expecting a PL XADC support? Is the a way to exclude this from the Petalinux build? Thanks Rick Linux version 4.9.0-xilinx-v2017.4 ([email protected]) (gcc version 6.2.1 20161016 (Linaro GCC 6.2-2016.11) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Oct 11 15:36:08 EDT 2018 ........ usbcore: registered new interface driver usbhid usbhid: USB HID core driver Unhandled fault: imprecise external abort (0x406) at 0x000bc834 pgd = c0004000 [000bc834] *pgd=00000000 Internal er
  6. Jon, It appears the standalone build function is not supported for the Digilent Boards.I finally go it to work; # 1) Retrieve the following Digilent apps: a) libuio b) libpwm c) libgpio d) gpioutil e) pwmdemo # 2) Extract these source files into a specified directory # (ie: <petalinx_prj>/downloads) # 3) Modify the digilent app *.bb files found in <petalinux prj>/project-spec/meta-user/recipes-apps/digilent-apps # a) In each *.bb change the SRC_URI and S variables to point to their associated local directory. eg:
  7. CoraZ7s Petalinux Standalone build failed Petalinux 2017.4 - build failed in github.com/digilent/libuio.git I have downloaded and configured the sstate cache tar files. Also performed the AR#71198 fixed for PREMIRRORS conf file. I guess I need to add the digilent libuio file to the sstate cahe? How would I do this? Thanks Rick