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  1. Thank you, JColvin! Last night I hooked it up to the Analog Discovery 2 and I read much better values than the "max bouncing" values in the datasheet of that small (6mm x 6mm) push button. It's actually so good that it's hard to start playing with capacitors to make it better. I'll try again later today with the oscilloscope in higher resolution (startup mode of the AD2). Stuk
  2. Hi, I got the Project Starter Kit (, and I'd like to know what the part numbers are of the mechanical switches, especially the push buttons. I actually need their datasheets. I'm designing a debounce circuit and would like to know the dynamic behavior of those specific buttons/switches. I know I can simply hook them up to my Analog Discovery to figure out what transient time I'm looking at, or alternatively I can simply try a variety of caps and resistors...but that requires buying a lot of components. But I'd like to know if I can calculate it straight from the datasheet and then verify on the scope whether that makes sense. Usually mechanical button datasheets show parameters related to dynamic behavior, e.g. maximum bounce time. Thanks! Titov
  3. Hi, I'm considering buying one of these to play with but I was wondering which version is best: the one from Digilent, or the NI edition from National Instruments. What exactly is different between both? Thanks! Stuk