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  1. Hi, It looks like Edge is blocking requests to local network IP addresses. I made a github issue for it here: It sounds like it could be either an http instead of an https problem or could have something to do with Edge settings regarding page requests to addresses on your local network. Fortunately, it seems to work with the Digilent Agent. In the mean time, I would continue to use Chrome, FireFox, or Safari to connect to network devices. Thanks, Dharsan
  2. If the blue LED is solid on that means the OpenScope is connected. The other LEDs will blink the last three digits of its IP address. You should be able to ping the OpenScope if it's on your network. If the blue LED is flashing, it means the OpenScope is not connected to WiFi. -Dharsan
  3. @arkuk Glad you got it working! @tsenneville 1) Yes we'll have to update the Agent's WFL package to a newer version. I'll talk to Sam about getting that done. He's out until tomorrow, but I'll let you know when and how to update the Agent. 2) Yep! Once it's on WiFi, as long as it has power you can talk to it on your network. In WFL, you'll just add it as a network device instead of an Agent device and enter the IP address (which is listed on the Device Configuration Page). Thanks, Dharsan
  4. I've updated to version 1.1.0. You can check the WFL on the bottom of the settings page. If your version isn't 1.1.0, you can use ctrl+f5 to force refresh. This version adds a Bode plot and also allows you to manually set an HTTP timeout value. You can set it by opening the side menu and going to the Settings Page. From the Settings Page, open the advanced settings and you should see that you currently have the timeout set to 5.000 sec. You should change this value to 60.00 sec and then click set which applies that value. Give that a shot and see if you can connect to your device from Thanks, Dharsan
  5. Yay! The regular version of the Digilent Agent should work fine. Just kill the debug version and then run the installed version you have. I'm going to update WFL so that you can set the timeout using the settings page. I'll let you know when that is done. In the mean time, continue using the debug version of WFL that you've been using so you can have the longer timeout. Thanks, Dharsan
  6. On the debug build of WFL I sent you, I increased the timeout to 60 seconds. You'll need to force refresh the page (ctrl+f5). Give it another try and respond with the same screen cap if you run into any errors. -Dharsan
  7. When you used the debug build, what did WaveForms Live do? Based on the log file, I would expect WFL to connect to the device and navigate to the instrument panel. -Dharsan
  8. It looks like the OpenScope doesn't like the gain setting at 5V/div. I sent our firmware guy Keith a message to figure out what the problem is and I will report back. -Dharsan
  9. Give PuTTy a quick try. It's a tiny install. -Dharsan
  10. One thing about connecting to WiFi is that WFL doesn't know when the OpenScope is done (working on changing this). So when you try to connect to a network, WFL makes sure the OpenScope responds to the connect command and then exits the loading screen. It will still take the OpenScope around 10 to 20 seconds after this to connect to the network (on average). If you want to update the information on the device configure page, just click the re-enumerate button and it will re-read all the information. We talked to the guy who wrote the firmware and unfortunately he says that hidden SSIDs do not work with the MRF Wifi radio we use on OpenScope MZ. Thanks, Dharsan
  11. @Bob M Glad to hear you got it working! Let us know if you have any questions!
  12. @dmw0472 What kind of network are you on? Check your firewall settings like @Kristoff suggested above. Also send a screencap of the console like I mentioned above as well so we can see if the agent is not responding. Thanks, Dharsan
  13. @Bob M Sounds like something may have happened during the firmware flash. I just updated to 1.0.6. Check under settings in the side menu to make sure you're on 1.0.6. If not, ctrl + f5 will get you the latest version (at least in chrome). Next, I would recommend using Chrome to avoid any issues. Hold the prog button on the OpenScope and then push the reset button. The red LED on the OpenScope should start flashing. This puts it in bootloader mode. Next go to and make sure it's v1.0.6. Add an agent and when you are navigated to the configure page, select the com port associated with your OpenScope (OS). WFL won't be able to enumerate the device and it will say something to the effect of "Error communicating with device". Under the firmware header, you should see a button that says "Load Firmware" or "Update Firmware" click this and a wizard will appear. Select OpenScope MZ from the dropdown (the dropdown will say "Other" when the page loads) and you should see the latest version of the firmware (v1.4.0). Click the button "Flash Selected Firmware" and a progress bar will appear. Once the progress bar is done, click the done button. The OS should take around 5 to 10 seconds to boot up. After that, the blue LED should be flashing or solid on. Now click the "Open" button on WFL under the Digilent Agent heading. This will re-enumerate the OS. If it doesn't work first try, the OS may still be booting up. Just try again. If you still can't connect, let us know. Thanks, Dharsan
  14. Try this. When you open WFL, open the side menu and select settings. Open the advanced settings and click "Change Console Log" and select console. Now open the chrome console and you should see WFL printing stuff here. Try and connect to an agent device and then send a screencap of the response you get. Here's what I get with no Agent connected: Thanks, Dharsan
  15. You should be getting an email with RMA details. Let me know if the email you used to sign up for the forums doesn't work. Thanks again for your patience, Dharsan