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  1. Logger in local WFL

    On the left, I extracted the zip which gives you the waveforms-live-1.3.0 folder. Delete the files in the www folder pictured on the right and then copy and paste the contents of the waveforms-live-1.3.0 folder into the www folder. The contents of the waveforms-live-1.3.0 folder will be very similar to what's in the www folder originally. Hope that makes more sense, Dharsan
  2. Logger in local WFL

    Good catch. We need to update the agent. In the mean time, here is how you can update it yourself! 1) Stop the Digilent Agent if it's running. 2) Download the WFL source: 3) Go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Digilent\Digilent Agent\www and you'll see some files in there. Delete all these files. 4) Extract the WFL source and copy the contents of waveforms-live-1.3.0 folder into the folder referenced in step 3. 5) Run the Digilent Agent. 6) go to http://localhost:42135 to load the offline version of WFL from the Digilent Agent. You should be able to go to the settings page and check that the version is 1.3.0. Let us know if you need help, Dharsan
  3. Data logger mode

    If you need help setting up an environment just let us know! -Dharsan
  4. Data logger mode

    1) Good catch! Issue is fixed and will be included in the next WaveForms Live build. 2) @samkristoff Will have to comment on whether the convert dlog file > 10MB will be added to the agent. However, we have published this CLI converter that will work. I think you'll be the first to use it so let us know if you run into any issues by posting an issue on GitHub. Note that there's about a 10-20x increase in file size converting from .dlog (binary) to .csv (ascii) and larger files will take a decent amount of time to convert. -Dharsan
  5. OpenScope MZ Specs

    For power specs, the OpenScope MZ requires 5V with a max current of 480mA, typical is 350mA. You should supply at least 500mA at 5V. -Dharsan
  6. OpenScope MZ Specs

    Not sure about power supply specs. Someone else will have to comment. For the GPIO settings, what do you mean by save? Right now WaveForms Live will load the current device settings and will properly display which channels are set as input / output / logic analyzer. If you mean between OpenScope power cycles, you will have to manually set them each time since the OpenScope goes back to its default state (tri-state). You may be able to edit the firmware which is available on GitHub, but note that it is not the latest and it is also very complex. If you want to do this, let us know and we'll update the firmware on GitHub. -Dharsan
  7. Here's a link to the dip-js GitHub repository. Feel free to file issues there if you run into any bugs or have any feature requests. An example can be found in the examples directory but I recommend following the readme. Thanks, Dharsan
  8. Yes that is a good point. I'll look into presenting a more informative error. -Dharsan
  9. Try going to the settings page and setting the timeout to a higher value. I've attached a picture of the settings menu and you can see the http timeout setting under advanced. -Dharsan
  10. Also, we're planning on coming out with a pure ts / js version of DIP that doesn't require Angular (though we still recommend using Angular/Ionic for large scale applications). If you're interested, I can send you an update here when we publish it within the next few weeks. -Dharsan
  11. Okay I know what the problem is. I'll update the documentation thank you for finding this. I've updated my ionic version to 3.19.0 (the latest version). This is what app.module.ts should say: import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser'; import { NgModule, ErrorHandler } from '@angular/core'; import { IonicApp, IonicModule, IonicErrorHandler } from 'ionic-angular'; import { MyApp } from './app.component'; import { HelloIonicPage } from '../pages/hello-ionic/hello-ionic'; import { ItemDetailsPage } from '../pages/item-details/item-details'; import { ListPage } from '../pages/list/list'; import { StatusBar } from '@ionic-native/status-bar'; import { SplashScreen } from '@ionic-native/splash-screen'; import { DeviceManagerService } from 'dip-angular2/services'; import { DigilentChartModule } from 'digilent-chart-angular2/modules'; @NgModule({ declarations: [ MyApp, HelloIonicPage, ItemDetailsPage, ListPage ], imports: [ BrowserModule, IonicModule.forRoot(MyApp), DigilentChartModule ], bootstrap: [IonicApp], entryComponents: [ MyApp, HelloIonicPage, ItemDetailsPage, ListPage ], providers: [ StatusBar, SplashScreen, {provide: ErrorHandler, useClass: IonicErrorHandler}, DeviceManagerService ] }) export class AppModule {} Then you can follow the tutorial as normal. Note that DeviceService is just a type and cannot be instantiated and therefore cannot be added to the providers array. Instead we use it in hello-ionic.ts in order to get typing for an instance of the device in the DeviceManagerService. Let me know if you have any more questions, Dharsan
  12. Hi, I'm looking into this. My first idea is that it's probably an Angular version problem since dip-angluar2 was written in Angular2. I will keep you updated. Thanks, Dharsan
  13. Unable to update firmware

    That's very useful thank you! It looks like the agent is returning an error status when starting the firmware flash. We will look into it and keep you updated. -Dharsan
  14. OpenScope Wavegenerator 60% Broken

    Also it may be a triggering issue so try and set the trigger type to "off" instead of rising/falling and see if you can replicate the issue. If you can't, I would guess the trigger level you're using isn't being hit either due to the signal itself not passing through the trigger level or aliasing due to your sampling frequency. -Dharsan
  15. Datalogger for two 16-bit sensors

    We aren't exactly sure what the sample rate range would be possible yet since we're still working on some finishing touches before tackling the improved datalogger.