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  1. One month later.... Yeah, im stupid. That worked. Thanks!
  2. Now... I now this is kind of several months old... it might have bin linked to /bin/dash. Im so stupid at not knowing this, although 2018.1 did work for some reason. Linking it to /bin/bash also didnt help for people reading this. Either get the newest version 2018.3 (didnt try it) or get 2018.1.
  3. I have no idea why this happens. PetaLinux is installed in ~/Desktop/petalinux Log of source settings.sh: PetaLinux environment set to '/home/alexander/Desktop/petalinux' WARNING: /bin/sh is not bash! bash is PetaLinux recommended shell. Please set your default shell to bash. INFO: Checking free disk space INFO: Checking installed tools environment: line 281: ((: 10#15~1 > 10#3: syntax error in expression (error token is "~1 > 10#3") environment: line 285: ((: 10#15~1 < 10#3: syntax error in expression (error token is "~1 < 10#3") INFO: Checking installed development libraries INFO: Checking network and other services WARNING: No tftp server found - please refer to "PetaLinux SDK Installation Guide" for its impact and solution Log, if of any use (creation and hw-description): alexander@alexander-work-station:~$ petalinux-create --type project --template microblaze --name petalinux INFO: Create project: petalinux INFO: New project successfully created in /home/alexander/petalinux alexander@alexander-work-station:~$ cd petalinux alexander@alexander-work-station:~/petalinux$ petalinux-config --get-hw-description ../project_4/project_4.sdk --oldconfig INFO: Getting hardware description... INFO: Rename design_1_wrapper.hdf to system.hdf [INFO] generating Kconfig for project INFO: Updating the flash partition size to 0x220000 bytes, based on the bitstream in the HDF [INFO] oldconfig project [INFO] sourcing bitbake ERROR: Failed to source bitbake ERROR: Failed to config project. ERROR: Get hw description Failed!.