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  1. Hi Sam, That did it. Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate everyone's help. Now I get to update 30 Test Procedures with the new programming process Ryan Holland
  2. All, First of all, thanks to everyone for helping! Unfortunately, I have tried every combination suggested by all and I'm still stuck. To recap: - I am trying to program Xilinx XC95XX CPLDs. I am not doing any development; all of the .jed files are good and have been used for years. - Our testing stations got upgraded with PCs that are running Windows 7. We were running PCs with XP. - We were using the JTAG3 Parallel Programming cable with XP prior to this. We used WebPACK_42wp30_full_installer to program the CPLDs - I Purchased a XUP USB-JTAG Programming Cable per the instructions of Digilent Support via email, because the JTAG3 was not compatible with Windows 7. The programmer installed without any problems, but none of the programming applications (Adept, Xilinx ISE) seem to see it. Any ideas? Thanks, Ryan
  3. Hi, I just purchased a XUP USB-JTAG Programming Cable per your support staff (via email), because only one of the new PCs has a parallel port, and the USB to Parallel cables that I have found on Amazon only work with printers. Xilinx support channel is a nightmare, but I found the ones you recommended in their archived versions. The question I have is what software should I download? They have 10 choices for each version. Obviously, I will eliminate the Linux, but beyond that, I'm lost. All I need is the Device Programmer. http://www.xilinx.com/support/download/index.html/content/xilinx/en/downloadNav/design-tools/archive.html I'll give it a shot in the morning with the one PC that does have a parallel port, using the JTAG3, and see if it programs. Thanks for your help! Ryan
  4. Note: The files that I am trying to program into the Xilinx XC9500XL parts are .jed files.
  5. ISE Design Suite - 14.7 Full Product Installation: http://www.xilinx.com/support/download/index.html/content/xilinx/en/downloadNav/design-tools.html I chose: Full Installer for Windows (TAR/GZIP - 6.18 GB) MD5 SUM Value: 94f40553a93dfbeca642503e2721b270 But all I need is the Device Programmer, not the design tools.
  6. Hi, I just updated all of our test PCs from XP to Windows 7. We were using "Device Programming" from WebPACK_42wp30_full_installer.exe to program our Xilinx XC9500 CPLDs. We use the JTAG3 (Parallel Port) cable to program our devices. It has become apparent to me, i believe, that there is a compatibility issue with this WebPACK version and Windows 7. Does anyone know where I can find the WebPACK that will program our CPLDs using Windows 7? I've been on Xilinx's website and there are too many options, so if you could be as specific as possible I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you Ryan