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  1. I am trying to Write/read Look up table using Hwicap API on Zybo board. But getting the probem in these function; ColNum = XHwIcap_SliceX2Col(TEST_COL); RowNum = XHwIcap_SliceY2Row(&HwIcap, TEST_ROW); Slice = XHwIcap_SliceXY2Slice(TEST_COL, TEST_ROW); The above functions are not defined in Xhwicap.h file..when i try to define these functions in header file, changes can't be made. so kindly let me know about this that how can i change in header file.. or is there any otherway to read the above functions.. Bushra
  2. I am struggling with the problem of getting clipped filter output...everything is ok..core is working fine as when i input the simple noisy sin wave it gives the correct filtered output...but when i input the real and imag signal to two different cores it gives the clipped output...plz do help me regarding this coz i am struggling with this from many weeks..
  3. Hello i am getting the same problen of clipping output in fir compiler 5.0 core...plz let me know if it has been resolved? Everything is ok..simple sin wave filteration gives the correct result but when i try to input the real and imaginary signal it doesnot give the peak....so plz do let me know. I am struggling this from many weeks..