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  1. Hi, i was doing the openalpr license plate recogntion project using opencv c++ and want to add my features to that when i am running the cmake . and make it will give the below error.
  2. hi, i tried to change the dlib versions and also insalled openblas and tried but not working.. Regards, k sharmila
  3. HI, i wanted to implement traffic signal recognition using opencv and using dlib but having problem in dlib some openblas an dso missing error for all the projects where i use dlib library can anyone help me out Regards, K sharmila
  4. Hi , i got opencv related issue i want to run traffic signal recognition using opencv c++ and its using dlib library when i compile through cmake got the below error can anyone help me out this Regards, K sharmila
  5. hi its worked i did't do any changes but we have to build the project more times then only we got the binaries because sometimes issues may related to space and all clean build and try again.
  6. HI, i want to run the opencv some traffic signal recognition project in somewhere i got the error what can i do error is below Regards, k sharmila
  7. Hi, I was trying to run the opencv project license plate reognition openplr sample project when and also i have changed to new version some code data becase it was showing old version and compilation was succussfull when i tried to run got the error on the knn like below can anyonre help me. Regards k sharmila
  8. hi, it is in comment out only right?? Regards, k sharmila
  9. HI, i wanted to run the opencv project downloded from githum using dlib::image_window() operations and i wanted to add features to that i got the error like blas dso symbol errors related to dlib can anyone help me Regards, k sharmila.
  10. i am using zybo_z7 board and using my own hdf to create
  11. hi, i was using petalinux 2017.4 to create project used to system.hdf file along with incudeing opencv libraries to run on zybo board. -rootfs to did the changes when i use petalinux build getting the same error any small answer used for me . Regards, k sharmila
  12. hi, thanks for your response. this is my code. #include<opencv2/core.hpp> #include<opencv2/highgui.hpp> #include<opencv2/videoio.hpp> #include<opencv2/objdetect.hpp> #include<opencv2/imgproc.hpp> #include<iostream> using namespace cv; using namespace std; int main(int argc,char **argv) { VideoCapture cap(0); cap.open(0); Mat img; CascadeClassifier face_cascade; face_cascade.load("/home/roash-sw-linux/project_new/models_cas/haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml"); for(;;) {
  13. Hi, i want to run my opencv application using zynq board ,for that i was created binaries with opencv libraries petalinux-config. and i copied the simple imread opencv project to SD card and compiled ..compilation was succesfull when i run the project it will show the errors like below . how can i run it (normally comilation its works perfectly but in board why showing errors) can anyone help me Regards, sharmila k
  14. Hi, Hi, i was trying to run the petalinux build for opencv libraries enable and want to run application on the zybpo board for that i was created and change the config setttings(opencv enable)but got the below error when boot the images on board. anyone help me out Regards, K sharmila