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  1. Hi this is my logfile sds_filter2d_cv.log
  2. hi, yah i removed that function and doing modifications insert haar cascade but still gort th errors filter2d_cv.cpp
  3. I did't get you if i remove video capture then how it will deduct face and can you please modify it and attatch perticular filter2d_cv.cpp
  4. hi, i did't removed its demo video i/o project pcam 5 i did't change anything
  5. Hi , I am encounter with another error in connecting board and check with output there i have got errors like shared library errors
  6. Hi, can you pease help me i tried with lot but did't work Regards, K Sharmila
  7. hi, i was trying all the modifications but got the same errors
  8. Hi, remove function means which functions you want me to remove and i ws did the same settings but still got the same error
  9. HI, can you please modify and send me
  10. Hi, with the modifications i got the below errors
  11. hi and point 2.if(btn&1 )replaced with what??
  12. hi the bwlow attacthed mt code change in filter2d_cv function i comment at last //mycode can you please see once need to modify anything please modify it . there cvt colour and some functions are there can i remove those or not filter2d_cv.cpp
  13. hi, can you please tell me xf opencv example reference to the my project based on what project can i change my code
  14. hi, in that there are so many sub modules are there where i need to modify the code(perticular part
  15. can you please send simple project that use HDMI or pcam video stream in that i include my face detection project . i am not able to understand that video i/o demo for reference