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  1. Hi Am sorry but, I dont understand your question, but in my proyect i was can send data since my Nexys 4 ddr to the PC using VHDL languaje. I dont know if you want make something similar
  2. Hi! thank you by the atention. I could resolve the problem.its was in the pins designed in the user manual and in the sampling frequency ....thanks!!
  3. Ok, would like more information but its is all that have. thank you by the atention and I'm sorry by my bad english.
  4. yes, its worked in the nexys 2 board, but the difference is that the nexys 2 board has a db-9 conector and the nexys 4 board has a UART port
  5. this is the simulation, for now, only was using the transmisor for the experimentation. this design was test in the nexys 2 and its worked. the value of Fbaud was modified for the simulation
  6. Yes i have install they programs, I using HDL, i have the most recent version of vivado
  7. hello!! i want use the uart port, but when i send the data with the RS-232 interface its not appear in the virtual COM of my PC, i was try using the RTS and CTS pins but doesn´t work
  8. Hello!! I have a problem with my nexys4, I change the configuration of the chip ftdi 2232h of my fpga for can use the serial port/ uart and now its not detected for my pc The program what used is ftdi prog Help me!! Please