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  1. Hi, I just added a function generator amplifier to my AD2, and i recognized the following: - When everything is hooked up (function gen + 21W lamp for testing) and i start waveforms, it seems that the output of the AD2 goes unwanted high. (There is some current drawn from the power supply at the same time) - The same thing happens: -when you click in the close window button on the top rigth corner when the window pops up that asks you to save the current workspace. but in this case the current drops much slower. (as seen on the power supply) Waveforms Ver
  2. Hi, first of all, i would like to state that as a electrochemist i am not familiar with all the electronics jargon that is commonly used, but i am willing to do my best, to fully understand everything. I am currently dealing with high speed low level signal measurements and the question that is recently coming up is: Would a lock in amplifier in combination with the Analog discovery 2 increase the S/N ratio ?, or is there already some kind of digital implementation of the lock in principle on the AD2 ?