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  1. I am not sure what he meant either other than confusing the request or requesting a more complicated interface. Bottom, line is if you don't want it, deselect it and use another decoder. Its pretty simple. Anyway, can you release or give the Beta out to me for testing. I really need this and appreciate your efforts in adding this. Thanks Dale
  2. Sweet....When will we have a release or Beta to try? Thanks Dale
  3. Sure...That works for me..... Is it available? Thanks Dale
  4. Hi Attila, I currently, need ASCII for I2C, SPI data byte payloads. Baring that, are you saying RS232 with UART has ASCII? I need it as well for RS232 as I send and receive string commands on all these buses. Thanks Dale
  5. Attila, from what I saw in the current bus options for Logic Analyzer, does not have "ASCII" as an option. If not, can you please add "ASCII" as an option in LA and protocol analyzer? Thanks Dale
  6. To Digilent Staff and Technical Designers, Can you guys please add "ASCII" to the protocol decoding. Currently, HEX is the only available decode. Adding BIN and DEC would be nice as well. Every decoder out there has more than one option. If you add this feature you will only get more praise and more sales. Thanks Dale